At Yum Yum Videos we have a very simple process that we always follow for each video production process, this enables us to get all the information and feedback we need to meet our client's expectations.

If you're looking for a premium custom animated marketing video, you'll love today's blogpost. Read on to learn about our 3-step process and make up your mind about creating your brand new explainer video!


First Preparations

Before we move on to explain our process, there are some basic things you need to know to get the full logic of our methodology.

To start, we revere communication. And this philosophy guides us through the whole video production process. We are convinced that communication is vital to get the best results. This means that we want to communicate openly with the client in order to align their needs and expectations with the overall output that we’re working on.

In this context, we need to have the big picture of who the client is, what they offer and the market they play in. That's why, as a very first stage, we send our client a creative brief for them to fill in, so that we can fully understand every single detail about the brand, the product / service they offer, the marketing goals they have, the target audience they aim for and the competition they deal with.

We also need to define and refine the message that the client wants to deliver. That's why we also organize a kick off meeting with the Account Manager, the scriptwriter and the client to work on this.


What Else?

We work with a great team of illustrators, animators and directors. They are chosen specifically for each project according to the client's needs, the marketing goals, the aesthetics we need to follow and the characteristics the video should have.

The Product Managers are constantly involved during the entire production process, to make sure that every step is fulfilled in time and in proper form. The Art Director also plays a key role, in order to assure the visual quality of the content.


And Now... The 3-Step Process!

As we were saying, getting the client's feedback is essential for us to work on a video that fulfills their expectations. To make this back and forth process really simple, we follow a 3-step process:

#1: The message

As a first step, we craft a script that delivers a clear and effective message (remember that we have already compiled some key information about the brand and the product with the creative brief, and we will use it to work on the script during this phase).

What will we  deliver in this stage? The script and a link to our list of voice over talents.

wsp motion graphics explainer video 4.jpg

#2: Storytelling

As a second step, we create the storyboard, record the voiceover and design 3 styleframes that will let the client see what the final result will look like.


Tip: not sure what a storyboard is? Check out the storyboard process of an explainer video!

What will we deliver in this stage? The storyboard, 3 style frames and the voice over.

#3: Development

Finally, we create all the illustrations, characters and animations. We also add some music and sound effects and...voilà! The video is ready!

What will we deliver in this stage? The video, with a watermark on it.

Another important thing to mention is that every step of the process has two rounds of changes, so that the client can share their feedback with us and we can work on the necessary adjustments. And we won't move on until the client is fully happy with the result!


Moreover, we are aware that every stage has to be observed and fulfilled - and the feedback implemented - before moving on to the next step. This is the only way to ensure that the next step will be satisfactory too. And it's also vital to ensure that the work will be done in time and in proper form and quality.

As you can see, we follow a simple but systematic and organized process, which we think is essential to get the best results for your business.

We invite you to keep on learning more about how we work, by surfing our Behind The Scenes section. Enjoy it!


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