Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-CHECKLIST-thumbHow can you tell the difference between a good animated video and a bad one? For the not-trained eye, spotting good quality animation could be really difficult and, if the video is not well animated, it won’t get the marketing results you are looking for. In other words, the quality of an animated marketing video is vital and it can make a big difference when converting your visitors into actual customers.


Join us for a few minutes and learn how to recognize and measure the animation quality of any animated explainer video!


1. Are The Characters Alive?

If the animated characters in the video move kind of fuzzy or rough-like, if they stay frozen for a long time or they simply don’t look alive at all, it’s a sign that the character animation hasn’t been well crafted.

Good animation makes characters look lively every time, it makes them express their feelings and generate empathy within the target audience. This will instantly mirror on the amount of people watching the video all the way through and also how many of them convert after watching it. 

See how these lively characters make this video way more engaging and attractive:


2. How Do New Elements Appear On The Video Screen?

When a new element is displayed on the screen (whether it’s graphics, icons or shapes) good animators usually apply a little bounce to it, making it more pleasant to the viewer’s eye. The same thing happens when an element recedes.

If you come across an animated marketing video in which elements show up rigidly and sort of creaky-like, with no animation bounce at all, it might be another poor-animation warning sign.

Watch how the graphics in this animated video appear on screen with this nice animation bounce:


3. How Good Are The Video Transitions?

When swapping between scenes, animators usually apply a transition. It could be a camera wipe or a background switch, for example. But if the transition is the same one on every single shot, then it sure isn’t quality motion graphic work.

In this animated explainer video you can spot a great deal of transitions and easily learn what we’re talking about. Check it out:


These are a few indicators that can be quite helpful in order to measure the quality of an animated explainer video. Always look for the highest quality animation in your video, because quality directly affects your marketing objectives.

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