Better_e_mail_marketing_results_with_an_animated_explainer_videoMore and more, marketers are starting to take notice of how effective explainer videos can be to communicate with potential leads. Animated marketing videos offer huge versatility and can be used in numerous ways. Today we´re going to learn how they can give a blast of wind to your e-mail marketing campaigns.



Video engages both visual and auditory senses, so it increases the channels through which information reaches the brain (our human brain system is attracted to motion). We all tend to pay more attention to audiovisual content rather than plain text. Plus, the voice-over on the video is a strong driver of information and potential customers  and therefore they’ll be more likely to understand it and retain its information.

Animated explainer videos also have the ability to awaken emotions: they can create strong identification from your target audience towards your brand/product…and when you generate love and trust, that customer is yours. 



When you include an explainer video in your e-mail marketing campaign, no matter which type it is (e-newsletter, follow up with prospects, or any other), you´re encouraging your potential customers to “click on”. Video works as an invitation to press that button: it´s engaging, appealing, and also quick and easy to understand (a video explains a business idea in just 90 seconds). Additionally, just like an animated marketing video increases CTR, it also improves conversions dramatically: people are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video than those who did not. 



Videos are also one of the best forms of marketing content that people pick to share: they´re not only cool and fun, but also engaging and informative (plus, we all tend to love animated characters).  If your potential customers find information useful they will certainly share it with their peers (mainly we´re saying that explainer videos have a strong emotional power!). It´s really important how well your video tells the story and how aligned it is to your target audience in order to get this ingredient of “empathy” and, consequently, trigger an emotion. 


 Animated video production for "KALA" by Yum Yum Videos


Another great advantage that animated marketing videos bring to your e-mail campaigns is that you can easily measure their online impact: there are several metrics that you can analyze in a video and that can give you a big picture of how well it´s performing. To do this, you can find the very well-known services of video analytics that YouTube or Vimeo provide, but also other services such as Wistia or Vidyard, which offer deeper information. They´re all great ways to access key information to enhance your marketing campaign!  


As a conclusion, it´s vital that, in order to get the best results out of your animated marketing video and independently from the use you give it (e-mail campaigns, social media, home page video, landing page, or any other), you ALWAYS focus it on your target audience. Aim at creating the best explainer video possible: a high quality video is what will place you over your competition and will encourage your potential customers to trust you.

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