What's the value of attracting visitors to your site if those people don't stick around for more than a few seconds?

Let me tell you something: a custom explainer video can help you explain your business idea in an informative, educational and engaging way, but it also has other functionalities: it can help you boost your online visibility and improve your position in Google's rankings. Not bad, right? I'll show you how it works…


Increases Time-On-Page

Did you know that by embedding a marketing video above the fold in your home page, or in a specific landing page, you can increase the average visit time by 1 minute? And this is great, as the time-on-page rate is one of the indicators that Google considers to measure the relevance of your site, not to mention what this metric can tell you about user’s content engagement...

Engages Your Visitors

Explainer videos also have a great engagement power, especially if you customize them for your target audience: if you work on a catchy and persuasive story that makes them feel identified with, you can captivate their attention instantly. Also, if you include the right Call To Actions, you can guide your visitors to keep on surfing your site, and this impacts favorably on your ranking position.

Flylady Animated Explainer Video How Can An Animated Marketing Video Impact Your Google Ranking

Tip: do you need some more data on how to include CTAs in your videos? Check out this article in which we review different types of Call To Actions and how you can use them to convert your visitors.

Improves your Google and YouTube´s Position

By making a high quality video, that provides your audience with useful information and that is optimized for SEO, you can also improve your ranking position in the two major search engines on the web: Google (for all the reasons mentioned above) and YouTube. And hey, this is awesome, since you expand your reach and visibility and, by including the right CTAs and links (optimizing your YouTube video), you can also drive more traffic to your site.

Tip: setting up a wise video SEO strategy is a must to reach the first positions in YouTube. You can download this free eBook to get some useful tips on how to improve your ranking.

Wrapping Up...

SEO and animated explainer videos are a killer online marketing duo. The best animated video not only makes your site / page more attractive, but it also has a great power to engage your visitors, make them stay longer and encourage them to follow the conversion funnel.

Moreover, by using the right animated marketing videos and aligning your YouTube and Google SEO optimization strategy, you can give your website the visibility you need to leave a mark on the web.

Remarkety animated explainer video How Can An Animated Marketing Video Impact Your Google Ranking

Finally, remember that your SEO efforts are a key ingredient of any successful marketing campaign that leads to actual sales. And, in this sense, explainer videos are a key ally!

Would you like to learn more about video marketing analytics? In this blog post we share 5 metrics you should be tracking to analyze the performance of your online videos. Happy reading!

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