Custom_explainer_video_production__thumbailsYou must already know the huge benefits that animated explainer videos can bring to your business. But in order to get the best results, you really need to make your video fully customized. 

Today we´re going to review some tips on how to make a tailor-made animated marketing video specific for your target audience and marketing goals. Join us!



Tip: remember that to make the best explainer video possible, you need to hire a professional video production team who can help you throughout the process. You can download this free eBook and get all the information you need to choose the right animated explainer video production company for your business.


The first step to make a 100% custom video is choosing the right type of animated video based on your target audience and marketing goals. If you don´t do this, you could never say that you´re making a custom animated marketing video for your specific audience! Keep in mind that there are many different animated marketing video styles: some of them work better with specific target audiences and marketing goals, and some others…with other styles. At first sight, we can talk about 5 different main styles: character animation, screencast videos, whiteboard animation videos, motion graphics videos, and 3D animation. We strongly recommend that you watch this useful tutorial in oder to choose the right style for your needs:




You can add custom designs, characters and visual elements to your video, in order to make your target audience feel identified with the story you´re telling and the characters you´re presenting. If you hire a talented team of designers and creative directors that can work on original designs that are, at the same time, aligned with your audience, you´ll generate strong engagement with your potential customers and you will enhance their confidence and trust in your brand. Always try to make your characters and backgrounds resemble your specific target audience: craft them with the look, clothes, age, job and most importantly, the “problem” they have. Tell the story in a way they will identify with.

Look at how we used custom animated characters in this fun and cool video:


Tip: the script of your video plays a key role when telling a story and making it highly compelling and catchy. If you want to learn some interesting tips about scriptwriting, download this free eBook.


The great thing about custom explainer videos is that they also give you the chance to reinforce your brand identity and awareness. So, another great way to customize your video is by applying the colors of your brand across the entire video. This way, your potential customers will recognize who is talking to them, will know that your brand is behind the product you´re offering and will feel much more confident to take the next step. If you don´t custom your video with your brand identity, you take the risk of generating mistrust with your potential customers: a generic, bad and cheap video will also talk about your brand and product… and it will certainly damage your image. Check out this video in which we´ve applied the brand´s identity in a very compelling way:


To sum up, remember that making a custom video is always the best option: it will bring you amazing results in the long term and it will be much more beneficial than making a bad-quality template video.

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