In this new digital era, people are connected to the Internet for many reasons at different times. You need to find a way to be right there in the exact moment your customers need you:

today we're going to show you how you can take advantage of these “micro-moments” using video marketing. Keep on reading!


Yes. Micro-moments. This innovative cool concept has been coined by Google to refer to those little spans of time when consumers use their devices for specific tasks. In other words, people´s daily sessions online have been replaced by fragmented interactions that now occur instantaneously. And you, as a marketer, really need to understand how you can take advantage of this new trend to make your brand be there in the right time your consumers want access to information.


Animated video production for "UBIETY" by Yum Yum Videos.


Now, to put it into context, let me show you some interesting data about consumer behaviour, so that you can really understand how important micro-moments have become.

  • According to Google, we check our phones 150 times a day, and each session lasts on average 1 minute and 10 seconds. People tend to evaluate purchase decisions in-the-moment: 82% of smartphone users consult their phones while they're standing in a store evaluating which product to buy.

  • Regarding online consumers, 69% believe that the quality, timing or relevance of a company's message influences their perception of a brand. According to a Facebook report, 70% of millennials access the social platform while watching television or movies, usually in order to engage in conversations about what they’re viewing


Talking about video specifically, video consumption has also evolved: people now consume video ALL THE TIME (including explainer videos, animated marketing videos, viral videos, etc.), not only in specific times as it used to be. Just like micro-moments happen on social platforms, on an app, or on many other channels, they also take place on your brand's website and increasingly on YouTube. So you really need to find new ways to connect with your target audience through video and take advantage of these millions of opportunities. To get to this point, let's learn together how you can identify these video micro-moments and how to act on them.



Animated video production for "UBIETY" by Yum Yum Videos.

Video micro-moments categories

According to Google, we find 4 different types of video micro-moments:

“I want-to-watch-what-I’m-into” moments: these ones are related to seeking entertainment or inspiration, when people look for video based on their passions or interests.
“I want-to-know” moments: when people research or want to learn about something. Nearly 70% of Millennials agree they can find a YouTube video on anything they want to learn.
“I want-to-do” moments: these are related to “how-tos” or step-by-step instructions. Searches related to “how-to” are up 70% year-over-year on YouTube.
“I want-to-buy” moments: when people use video to decide what to buy. And 18-to-34-year-olds say YouTube is the best place to learn about a product or service that interests them.

How to act on video micro-moments

Now let me give you some general key guidelines you can make use of to get the most out of video micro-moments.

  • Identify relevant micro-moments: try to identify your consumer's micro-moments. A good exercise is by trying to reimagine your consumer's journey as a collection of video micro-moments and try to understand where you can fit in. Sephora, for instance, learned that how-to videos were the perfect intersection between the brand's message and the audience's needs.
  • Provide useful content: when connecting with consumers, it's imperative that you are in the right place at the right time. Provide them with valuable content based on their needs and the answers they're looking for. You can complement this with some organic and paid advertising in order to make sure that your brand shows up when they need you.
  • Make short videos: considering the speed of this new digital era, short videos are becoming a must. Even more so if we talk about getting the most out of micro-moments (which last on average only one minute long!). You can make hyper-segmented short customized videos that adapt to some specific micro-moment and make sure you include just the information you need, and no more than that. Animated explainer videos usually work pretty well in this instance, since they are short, concise and deliver the information quickly. Which takes us to:
  • Be quick: focus on optimizing the mobile experience. Make it easy for consumers to fulfill their actions (subscription, calls, visits, downloads or whatever your goal is) and cut the steps that aren't necessary. Also, try to anticipate their needs and add the Call To Actions in a prominent spot on your homepage. Additionally, make sure your site loads at the speed of light.
  • Promote your video: when trying to leverage micro-moments, not only is it important to plan every detail of the content itself, script and length, but also to disseminate the video to get the most out of that specific micro-moment. You need to help your audience find you! So think about how and where you can promote your video, and make use of relevant video ads to target them at the right time.

There's so much we could say about micro-moments! This is just a quick snapshot, but if you want to learn more about it, you can download Google's report “Micro-Moments: Your Guide to Winning the Shift to Mobile” where you'll find more valuable data. Have you already implemented some kind of video micro-moment strategy? How did it all go? We'd love to hear from you!

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