It is a common misconception that all the hard work is done after you completed your explainer video. 

Now that you have that wonderful piece of content, you should plan how you are going to publish it!


If you already have an inbound marketing strategy, your new video can help you with it. If not, try setting your goals and working according to your plan. See how planned inbound marketing can help you:


Now that you know why using your content strategically is so important today, learn five ways in which you can reach those people you care about with your explainer video.

#1. Write Blog Posts and Include Your Explainer Video

Do you have a company blog? If so, make sure you post info related to your explainer video! In this way, you will be able to publish it and make it relevant to your audience.

Your explainer video will help retain people’s attention on what you are writing and will ensure they understand what you are saying with text.

Yummy tip: See how nicely it can be done in our very own blog. ☺

#2. Publish It on Social Media

Today, it is essential for small and big businesses to have a social media presence. It is where people are! Plus, as you might know, videos are a big thing on social media right now, and everything indicates they will continue to grow.

Explainer videos are engaging because they convey emotions, all of which meansa huge thumbs up on social media (yeah, literally).

As you can see, your brand new explainer video is an awesome piece of content to share on your social channels. Try mixing it up for optimum results: publish at different times of the day and days of the week, alternating metadata like text and thumbnails. But also make sure to not saturate your audience, or they might get bored and unfollow you.

#3. Don’t Forget About the Old, Good Email Marketing

Email marketing is yet another channel that you shouldn’t leave behind. Although it might sound weird, email open rates are going up in some cases. And an explainer video can help your email marketing greatly! It can even triple your click through rate.

The great thing about email marketing is that it can be pretty personal and super targeted: if you have a valuable email list, you know your campaign will reach exactly those people who are interested in your product or service. Never underestimate that!

#4. Influencers: The New It Marketing Tactic

There are some people which we trust because we know and admire them. Today, internet marketing has opened a whole new world of people recommending products. Not only are celebrities behind the trend, but also people who have popular social media profiles.

If your video is funny and cute, like Triggermail’s, don’t doubt its capacity to viralize with some help.

Do some research, find those people who influence your target audience and see how they can spread the word about your video. Mouth to mouth is still important for marketing, even online!

#5. Video Ads

Last but not least, the power of SEM. Video advertising is growing in popularity and you can be a part of this too.

Amplify your content reach in those platforms that appeal to your audience. The most popular sites that have paid video ads are Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn if you’re a B2B company. The pros are that, being a paid service, you will get full insights on the results and you can quickly and efficiently optimize your campaigns as a product of this.

If you already have an explainer video, you surely have thought of different ways to spread the word about it. Let us know in the comments section below! We’d love to hear your feedback.

The marketing world is all about being creative and allowing yourself to try new things. If you feel like you need inspiration, don’t hesitate about having your own explainer video to help you: it is a valuable piece of content that you can use online, but also in company presentations and even sales pitches. Drop us a line and see how we can help!


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