Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-ACCESS-PAY-7-THUMBYou already know how important animated explainer videos are for your content strategy. Remember that in order to get the best results you have to develop a high quality video that represents the true spirit of your business or product.

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Second step: now that you already have a great video embedded in your website, it´s time to measure its effectiveness. When measuring the success of your video, there are several key performance indicators (KPIs) you should take into consideration. To initiate you to the world of video analytics, today we´ll focus on 5 key metrics that will certainly help you analyze the performance of your online videos.

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To start, let´s clarify these two concepts. The bounce rate is the percentage of users who come to your site and leave it without browsing to any other page on the website. Generally, it indicates if the site entrance page is relevant to your visitors. Time-on-Page is the time spent on your web page by visitors who did not bounce.  These two metrics can help you understand if the overall performance of the page (where you video is embedded) is good or not. We could think that a high bounce rate (over 60%) combined with a low time on site might be an indication that you need to make some adjustments to your page…and your video.

On average, visitors generally spend 10-20 seconds on a website, but pages with a clear value proposition will certainly make them stay longer.  A high quality animated marketing video will definitely grab your audience´s attention. It will not only increase your visitors´ time on the page (by 2 minutes on average) but also decrease the bounce rate. These 2 minutes are enough time to show your product and persuade your audience into making a purchase.

These two metrics work as a first approach to help you understand user´s behavior within your page, but there are also some other indicators that effect performance…

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Now talking about video performance specifically, the Video Click-Through Rate (CTR) and the Video View-Through Rate will help you understand how your video is performing on that page. Video CTR is the number of users who click on a video out of the total users who view the page (the higher the CTR, the more effective the video is). The View-Through Rate (VTR) – also known as VCR-Video Completion Rate – is a ratio of completed video views vs. total number of page views; this is: how many of those who landed in the page watch the whole video till its end. 

To be able to track CTR and completed views of a video, you will need to integrate the “event trackingJavaScript code into your web analytics tool.

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Comparing how your site ranked before and after embedding an animated video on your homepage can also work as a good indicator of video performance. As we´ve mentioned before, a good animated marketing video increases your audience´s time on a webpage and reduces the bounce rate. This definitely helps your site rank better in search engines and consequently improve organic traffic (of course, you should complement this approach with some other tactics, such as running a blog campaign and some other SEO strategies). 

These valuable KPIs will let you have a big picture of how engaged your visitors are and – specifically - how catchy your animated explainer video production might be.

Your regular web analytics software will help you track what´s happening on your video landing page. Whether you´re using Google Analytics or another analytics tool, you will be able to track metrics such as audience, traffic, content and conversion rates in order to test your marketing strategy or, on the contrary, make some necessary adjustments. Try asking yourself these questions:

● Is my marketing video production placed in an easily visible area within the page?
● Is it a high quality video that passes on a clear, entertaining and informative message?
● Is the thumbnail of the video appealing and engaging?
● Does the content around the video match the content in it?

Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-MARKETING-ZEN-GROUP-2Animated video production for Marketing Zen Group

Last words: analyzing data might be a little bit stressful and also boring, but at the same time it´s very useful to use to optimize your videos and make them fit your user´s needs. 

If you want to learn more about tracking video performance, check out our special article on YouTube Analytics. Also, don't forget to visit our Animated Video Academy to access all of our free eBooks, infographics and educational videos to boost your online campaign with the best explainer video production tips!

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