thumbnail_Best_Explainer_Video_production_companythumbnail_Best_Explainer_Video_production_companyGenerating interest and engagement from your potential customers requires more than a dose of creativity and persuasion. 

Encouraging them to share your animated explainer video with their friends, followers and contacts is not that simple since it depends on several factors, many of them unknown (no one knows EXACTLY what will lead them to share the content with their peers).

Despite these factors, there are some considerations you can bear in mind to use in order to persuade them to press the Share button. If you create a good mix of information, innovation, fun and magnetism you´ll be on the right track.



Basic thing. How could you speak to your potential customers without knowing what they want and what they´re looking for? If your animated marketing video is not pointed to your target audience, they will not feel identified with it, and this could be lethal for your strategy: have in mind that people tend to share content they feel they can identify with, and to get to this point, you have to truly understand their motivation. A simple and effective thing you can do is craft the characters and backgrounds of your video based on the specific target audience you´re aiming at.



Here’s an example of an animated video we made where you can clearly see how the characters and backgrounds were made by keeping the target audience in mind. Check out how we used the brand’s colors so the viewers recall it after watching the video. We are not one to brag, but this video was even recognized by HubSpot as one of the best animated explainer videos on the web!



The challenge here is grabbing your audiences attention for at least the first 15 seconds of the video. Let´s say it the other way around: the first 15 seconds of your animated marketing video are super important. In this short period of time, you have to be capable of providing your target audience with interesting, catchy and straightforward information. If you can´t do it this way, they´ll close the tab and go to another site. Conversely, if you have them entertained for the first 15 seconds, they´re more likely to watch the video till the end. If this happens, you´ve generated “something”…and you´ve increased the chances of your video being shared. To create an appealing start, you need to work on a good script, so keep on reading…


To make a rocking and shareable animated video production you need to tell a GREAT story…and tell it in a unique, compelling, creative and interesting way. At this point, a good script will make all the difference. Writing a clear and attractive script demands a professional and talented team behind it: there are many aspects to keep in mind to get the best results. If you want to learn more about the basics on how to draft a good script, download this free eBook on How to write a animated marketing video script, or check out this free infographic. In case you need to hire a vendor to assist you on the development of your video, this eBook on How to choose the right explainer video company for your business could help too.




Get to the point quickly. Internet users do not have much time to waste and they get bored if things are forced, complicated or warped. Make things flow naturally, with rhythm. Have in mind that in an explanatory video you have to be capable of saying who you are, what you do and how you can make a difference when compared to your competitors. You have to do this in not more than 2 minutes maximum. Be effective and be inspiring within the time you have. If you want to learn more about what the ideal length for an animated marketing video is, check out this article.

If your objective is to have it shared on social media, then try to make it as short as possible – 30 or 60 seconds. Here’s an example of an animated marketing video we made that is only 30 seconds long.



Again: a good script will lead you to a catchy start…and also to an impressive ending. The end of your animated video has to provide your target audience with some valuable information. The message you give is like the icing on the cake, it´s what they’ll remember and will motivate them to share the content with others (something unique, compelling and convincing). Your viewers have to find it interesting and useful to spread the voice for you. There’s nothing worse than watching a great movie with a disappointing end, right? Same thing here.

Talking about sharing content… do you want to learn how to track your social media efforts? Read this article and learn more! And remember that we regularly post interesting tips and information on our blog. Come and join us!


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