We already know that animated marketing videos work very well to explain a business idea in a brief and engaging way.

But, as a marketing tool, they're also great for optimizing internal communications, team training, enhancing employee engagement, among many other benefits. Join us in this article and learn how you can get the most out of this cost-effective resource to reinforce your company's communications and initiatives!

Check this testimonial for example:

Why Explainer Videos?

What's so special about animated marketing videos? This marketing tool holds some unique features that makes it ideal for grabbing the attention of the viewer, in a quick and compelling way. And hey... this is really important! No matter if you need to pass out complex information, want your team to remember some specific data, or if you're trying to amaze your staff with engaging, fresh and creative video content; as a new way to provide them with useful information, explainer videos are a great choice. Check out some of their advantages.

  • Boost engagement: marketing videos combine the use of visual animated elements with a compelling message. The script and the story are developed in a way so as to increase the viewer's engagement and quickly grab their attention with an interesting  (and why not fun?) story.
  • Highly memorable: the way in which information is displayed and the way the message is being delivered makes it easier for viewers to remember the data even after watching the video.

Which Style Of Explainer Video Should You Choose?

There are many different explainer video styles and, just like they can be used as a B2C or B2B marketing tool, they can also be used to improve your internal communications.  

Is there any specific style that you can use for internal purposes? Among the different styles, we recommend that you pick out whiteboard animation, motion graphics or screencast videos.

Tip: Go over this article to learn more about the specific characteristics of each of these styles, and find the best fit for you!

How To Use Explainer Videos To Enhance Your Company's Communication

Of course there are many ways in which you can use explainer videos to take your communications to the next level. Let me share with you some ideas:

  • Onboarding and culture sharing: marketing videos are an effective tool to educate and train the new members of your company. They are also a great resource to share your core values and reinforce the culture of your company, both for current and new employees. For instance, in its Coca-Cola Content 2020 whiteboard video, the company shares its strategic vision for the future regarding content marketing.

Introducing a new product: you can also resort to video content to launch a new product or to pass out some specific data about a product that the company already offers.

  • Boosting your employee engagement: video content also gives you the chance to provide your staff with creative, fun and cool content that increases their engagement towards the company.
  • Training your team: These videos are also an effective tool to train your team. In this blog post we will share some interesting ideas!
  • Sharing guidelines and key information: video content is a powerful resource to share guidelines and valuable information with employees, but also with other key audiences such as suppliers. Check out what Walmart has done to share some important information with their suppliers:

Tip: remember that, when developing any piece of video content, one of the most important things you should bear in mind is the target audience you are aiming for and the communication goal you pursue.

Video is, per se, a very attractive type of content to consume, and also to share. You have a wide range of possibilities to distribute the video content you create. For example, you can post them on your internal blog, in your internal newsletters, in an Intranet or online community, on third-party websites, in interactive presentations, and much more. The most important thing is that you choose the right channels according to the audience you want to target.

Now, we'd like to know; Have you already used any type of marketing video for your internal communications or to foster relationships with external key audiences? Share your feedback with us!

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