Did you know that explainer videos are particularly good for promoting your mobile app? (among many other uses).

Due to their main characteristics, they are the perfect content for driving downloads. So, if that's one of your marketing goals, join us in this article and learn how animated marketing videos can help you achieve it!


Promoting Your App

As we were saying, explainer videos are a valuable resource to promote your app and encourage users to download it. These types of videos have some unique characteristics that make them a great tool to grab your target audience's attention, and tell them how interesting and cool your app is, by using a highly attractive and engaging format. 

Of course, it's always recommendable that you post your animated marketing video in the Play Store or App Store so that you give the right exposure at the right time, while your prospects are considering whether to download your app or not. Explainer videos are very persuasive and can help you a lot to encourage people to take that step, but to get to that point, you have to use them in the right way.  


Tip: review these tips and avoid 5 huge mistakes in explainer video production!

Explainer Videos: A Great Resource To Drive Downloads

With explainer videos, you have a huge opportunity to convince your prospects to download your app. Let's review some of the main benefits this format has when it comes to driving downloads.

#1: They're very attractive and empathetic

One of the best characteristics about animated marketing videos is that they are very appealing, but can also trigger a strong connection towards the story you're telling. Being empathetic makes them unique, as they encourage people to take the next step by generating a strong emotional bond with the viewer.

Watch this cool example: Gigtown is a mobile app to discover and book local musicians in a matter of seconds and they've developed an appealing explainer video to promote it.



#2: They highlight pain points

Explainer videos also have another special feature: they can summarize the main pain points your audience has and communicate them in a clear and persuasive way. Again, the idea here is to generate some kind of identification from your target audience towards the problem/need you're presenting, and this format can help you a lot to meet that goal.

#3: They're very explanatory

Animated marketing videos can deliver a business pitch in just a matter of seconds. By using enticing visuals and animations they have the ability to pass out concepts and ideas that would be harder to communicate if it wasn't from using this format. They are highly explanatory but at the same time they're very brief, and this is a very good combination when it comes to passing out specific information about your mobile app and explain how it can help your prospects.


#4: They generate brand awareness

Besides talking about how your mobile app can make your audience's lives easier, with an explainer video you can also reinforce your brand identity and generate brand awareness, so that your viewers know that YOU are the one talking behind that value proposition. By applying your identity colors in the video, they'll instantly recognize your brand and this will give them more confidence to make the download happen.


No doubt, explainer videos are a safe bet if you're looking to promote your app. Keep in mind that video is highly attractive, memorable and shareable and this will definitely help you increase your app downloads. 

Also, take some time to learn how to use Call To Actions wisely in your explainer video. This will be defining to encourage your prospects to download your app!

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