Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-ENTREPRENEUR-thumbHave you ever wondered how long it takes to make an explainer video? Why do companies run with such different production times? What would be the average time?

Grab your favorite cup of coffee and keep on reading to clear all your doubts about this matter!


First of all, not all marketing videos are created equally. We’ve talked about the difference between custom and template animated videos, but when discussing video production times this difference becomes vital.

A template animated video is made with pre-designed elements and animation which usually needs just one person to do it. A template video can be made in one day only! But the quality isn’t really good and that affects your marketing goals. It can be a good decision if you’re in a hurry though.

A custom video is a very different thing! Custom video production can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks on average. Custom animated videos are made from scratch and need an entire team of professionals; and that takes time!

This is a fine example of a custom animated marketing video:




This animated video took us 7 weeks to create.

But why did it take us so long?

The whole idea of a custom animated marketing video is that it must be made for a specific target audience and follow specific marketing objectives. Making them is not easy at all and should be crafted by professionals in each area -from the director to scriptwriters and animators, and so on-. All of this takes time.

Now, let us explain every step of the video production process along with each stage’s average time, so you can have a better understanding of the video production timing:

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1. Creating The Message

The mere fact of coordinating with the explainer video production company, explaining your marketing objectives and defining who your target audience is, takes a couple of days of brainstorming and chatting.

The script is written with the resulting data: this takes between 3 and 7 days to be completed, taking feedbacks and adjustments into account. If you want to know more about explainer video scriptwriting, check out this blog post: 5 Tips For Writing An Incredible Video Script.


2. How This Message Is Going To Be Seen

In this stage the storyboard is made, displaying the main actions sketched on a board (see a clear example down here). This step is one of the most complicated ones because it’s actually a preview of the entire video, so it could easily take between 1 and 3 weeks.



The great thing is that with the storyboard and some end-quality graphics (called style frames) alone you can visualize the whole video, allowing feedback and proper adjustments in order to get to a wishful result.


3. Custom Characters and Graphic Design

Characters should be designed to resemble the video’s target audience. Custom animated marketing videos are made from scratch to look like the average potential customer and this also takes time. The same thing happens with backgrounds and graphics in general. A color pallet according to the brand should be settled and integrated into the animated video. All of this goes on for another week or so.

Watch how these cute characters make this animated TV commercial be awesome!


4. Animation

After all of the effort required for the previous steps, it’d be a pity spoiling it with bad animation! The animation on the video is vital because if characters aren’t alive, the audience won’t grow empathy within  them, and miss  the desired emotional effect. Get deeper knowledge about this here: How to Create a Personal Brand with Animated Marketing Video. Besides, if it’s badly animated it’ll sure be messy and boring and people won’t watch all the way through. Good animation takes a couple of weeks on average, depending on the video’s complexity.

Watch how the character animation in this whiteboard video widely benefits it by making engagement grow and generating empathy within the audience:



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5. The Final Touch

The music editing and sound FX mixing, along with the final adjustments, will sure take another week. But it’s definitely worth it! Listen to how the sounds and music play a nice role in this video, and make it way more entertaining:




All of this is why custom video production can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks on average.  It takes some time, I give you that, but the quality of the results are awesome as well as the results of your marketing campaigns.


Don’t forget that a marketing video must be joined by a wise marketing strategy to conquer the right objectives. That’s actually why we wrote this eBook to help you: “You Have Your Video Made… Now What?

We hope all of this information can be helpful for your business. Good luck with your next video-making journey! Now, if you want to get wider knowledge on animated explainer videos and video marketing strategies, visit our Explainer Video Academy, where you can get our fun and educational eBooks, infographics and more.

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