Would you like to get to your prospects with highly engaging content that quickly grabs their attention, persuades them to learn more about your product, helps you differentiate from competitors and leads them to purchase your product?

Video content is the answer you've been looking for! Learn more about the basics of Inbound Marketing and how video can help you through each of the stages.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Instead of putting too many words around this, let's give you a quick review to this brief tutorial that speaks for itself here:



As you can see, it's all about attracting, educating and empowering consumers by providing them with valuable content that helps them make a decision and guides them them till they're ready to buy your product.

In any inbound marketing strategy we can differentiate 3 key stages of the buyer's journey:

  1. Awareness: your prospect is aware of a certain problem/need he has and is looking for the best means/methods to solve it. At this point, your want to ATTRACT those visitors, and quickly grab their attention so as not to “lose” them.
  2. Consideration: at this stage, he's evaluating the different alternatives he finds in the market and the best solution that meets his needs. It's your big chance to CONVERT those visitors into leads.
  3. Decision: now the prospect is ready to come to a decision. He finally picks out the vendor that will offer him the best solution. Time to CLOSE DEALS on your side!


And hey….video content is one of the best marketing tools you could resort to in EACH of these stages! Let's see how useful video can be for each instance and how you can use it to attract, convert and close deals.

Video Content: Your Key Ally...

...for attracting visitors.

So you want to attract visitors and grab their attention in just a couple of seconds (and you're not asking for too much - honestly, in today's fast-paced world, you don't have more time than that!). Video is one of the favorite formats people prefer nowadays: it's interesting, attractive, cool, educative, engaging...and it can even be fun! The perfect mix to instantly get their attention and encourage them to wait for “what's next”.

What are the best video formats for this “awareness” stage? Educational videos work great. If your prospect is looking for some specific information, what could be better than teaching and training them? You can make a FAQ video, an interview with an expert, or even a more generic video that expresses a specific problem your audience has or answers a common question they might be asking themselves, just to generate brand awareness. Check out this example of an educational video:



...for converting visitors into leads.

Video content can also become your ally when it comes to turning visitors into leads. Keep in mind that, due to its audiovisual idiosyncrasy, it's great for keeping your audience’s attention and giving you enough time to deliver the key messages you need to pass out. This type of format also makes visitors stay longer on your site and encourages them to take the next step. By using video content, your chances of converting them increase dramatically! Just as a reference, by placing an explainer video above the fold in your home page you can increase your conversion rate by 20%!

Which type of video could you use at this stage? We've already given you a clue about that...explainer videos, indeed :) They're one of the best alternatives for the consideration stage. They have the ability to explain your business idea in a fast and engaging way, helping you to differentiate from competitors. You can also resort to product videos, or process videos, and talk about how you work, the main features of your product, or about a specific methodology or process you follow.

...for closing deals!

This is probably the most interesting part, hmm? :) Closing deals! Video has an amazing persuasive power, and it also has the ability to trigger an emotional connection with the viewer. This is very important at this stage, as you will need to generate trust and confidence towards your brand and product.

You can resort to about us videos, testimonial videos, case studies, success stories, or any other type of video that shows how people have benefited from using your product. All these formats are great to show how good you are at what you do, in the words of clients, partners, influencers, or any other stakeholder. And you can´t imagine how customers appreciate what their peers say! They trust more in their peer's opinions than in what any company has to say/brag about itself.

Is the panorama clearer now? :) Are you ready to start using video content to enhance your inbound marketing strategy? Hands on deck!

Finally, we invite you to take a look at this article in which we summarize the perfect video types for your marketing plan. Enjoy it!


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