You will never be able to attract the right people to your website if you have no idea who you're talking to and where you can find them.

In today's blog post we'll show you some basic steps so that you can get the big picture of who your target audience is and learn how you can grab their attention. Ready to start?


Hooking The Right Audience

One of the main goals of every marketing plan is reaching and attracting the right audience for the specific product, service or business that is being promoted. In this sense, video content can be a fantastic piece of content to achieve this. It has everything you need to approach them, to quickly grab their attention, to educate them about your product and to finally drive them to your site.

But, as you can imagine, first you need to have a thorough understanding of who your audience is, where you can find them and know how you can generate brand awareness as a first step of connection. We thought it would be useful organizing this important information in 3 key stages. Find them below!

The Way To Success

Try to follow these basic guidelines to fully understand who your target audience is, how to reach them, and how to provide them with useful content that encourages them to look for more…

#1: Research your target audience

Basic first step. You really need to have a clear understanding of who you're talking to. In this sense, you can start by asking your internal teams (executives, sales team, customer support team, etc.) who is currently buying your product and why. It's also a good idea to analyze your competition: it will give you key information about what they offer, how they connect with their customers and how you can differentiate from them. Also, it's vital that you research some specific data about your target audience: understand the main demographic, geographic and psychological factors that characterize them, and also their behavioural patterns. This is a great example of what we are talking about:

Tip: you can dig deeply into this information by reading these 5 Tips To Identify The Right Audience For Your Explainer Video.

#2: Understand where you can find them

Once you have the big picture on who your target audience is, you need to do some research to understand where you can find them. What are the websites, communication channels, social media platforms and events in which they usually check out?  Take some time and analyze what they say about your product in different online forums, blogs and groups, and also study what your competitors are doing. All this valuable information will give you some key clues on where you can find them.

#3: Create custom content for their specific needs

Now that you know who you're aiming for and where to find them, it's time to create valuable content for their needs. You've already done  some research and I'm sure now you have a clear idea on what their interests, needs, behaviours, likes, problems and pain points are, so take full advantage of that! At this point, I have two key pieces of advice to share with you: first thing, always create custom content that is 100% aligned with the characteristics and needs of your target audience. Second thing: try to work on video content that has a more generic approach and that aims at educating your audience about a specific problem they might have.

Check out this example: this a generic educational video we have developed for all those prospects that are starting to be aware of a certain problem: they know an explainer video could be useful for their video marketing strategy but are not sure which type of animated marketing video they should choose. Even more beneficial: this video is also useful for those who are at a previous instance, those who aren't yet aware that an explainer video can be a useful resource to generate brand awareness and increase conversions/sales.



This way, you'll be targeting the right people (those who have a true interest in what you have to offer) and providing them with relevant content that can answer all their questions.

And now...don't miss this blog post to learn how you can take full advantage of this awareness stage by creating stunning video content that generates trust and that helps you encourage your potential customers to “look for more”. Good luck! 


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