Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-FREELANCE-thumbIf you want a killer animated explainer video for your company, choosing the way you’re going to produce it is critical. There are many ways of making a good marketing video, so you should at least carefully evaluate the various alternatives and compare them with your company’s budget.Let’s look at them:

The Freelance Way 

A regular video production process requires a team of professionals in each production area: at least a scriptwriter, a creative director, a storyboard artist, an art designer, an animator, a voice-talent and a sound producer. But you can always do it the freelance way.

There are two ways to do this: the first one is to hire an animator and make him/her craft the whole thing. In this case, you’ll sure have a lower cost than hiring an explainer video company, but also a lower quality video by not having an artistic manager and a professional in each production area overseeing the work.


The second one is to assemble a whole freelance team: this way, pricing would still affordable and you also conquer the team management problem.

The freelance way is a good way, but we only recommend it for low-budget startups that don’t want to invest much in advertising. If your company is willing to improve its online marketing campaign, bear in mind that a lousy video could lead to a loss in conversions and sales along with with a larger investment than hiring a video company. So be wise instead of skating on thin ice.


The Template Way 

There are more than one explainer video company out there, but not all of them will fit in your budget. Some of the most affordable options are the companies that offer pre-defined animations and designs, their resulting marketing videos also called template videos, due to their pre-made nature. These types of videos are really fast to produce, but they don’t actually have professional quality and the visual designs won’t adjust to your brand. The problem with these animated marketing videos is that you won’t be able to fit those predefined designs to your brand message, so you won’t convey a clear message or build a strong bond with your audience.


If you choose the template way, be very thorough in choosing a video company with great work materials. Stay away from robotic voice-over or DIY software, those lead to disappointing results every time. Remember that your animated marketing video will be made to represent your brand, so be careful on how you present it to the online world.


The Custom Way 

There are companies that craft custom animated marketing videos with an actual team of professionals (scriptwriters, producers, directors, art designers, animators, etc.). These production companies produce custom-designed videos, specially crafted to engage a specific audience and transmit a particular business message. The price range of these companies can vary a lot from company to company, so you’ll have to choose the video company that best suits your needs and can fit within your budget.


Let us give you some final recommendations before picking a video company:

● Go throughout their portfolios to see the real quality of their previous videos.

● Arrange an online meeting with the video company to chat and discuss the process before it starts.

● Read the reviews and opinions of their previous clients.


Are you ready to choose your way through your next video production?

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