You know it already: video marketing is the ultimate internet trend. That’s why you should be thinking about having your own video to power up your brand’s online presence.


The problem is, when you come to think about it, there are zillions of companies who could help you out. How do you  pick the right one?

In this article, learn what to look for in an explainer video company that will let you go through a smooth production process and end up with an amazing video as a result.


video the greatest marketing tool

#1. Look At Their Portfolio

A great explainer video company will showcase their recent pieces of work. If their work is great, they will want you to know it! Look for each company on social channels like YouTube and search on their website. Once you find their portfolio, pay attention to these factors:


Tailor made quality videos focus on the target audience to design characters, situations and scenarios. Also, pay attention to the colors used: do they match the brand’s palette or are they just random and seem unrelated? A quality explainer video will be branded all the way through without the need of showing a logo constantly: it’s subtlety that counts.


Movements are as crucial in an explainer video as the designs themselves. If characters move fuzzily or robotically people will not only feel like the video is cheap, but this will also distract them from the core of the video, which is your message and your brand. In other words, bad quality animation will not work and will make your brand look unprofessional, whereas smooth, steady movements will enhance your message and your brand image.


As with everything, your target audience must be considered carefully when picking a voiceover actor. A great explainer video will portray a real, local voice that matches the tone of your customers. On the contrary, robotic voices are not only overly-heard, which doesn’t help in the uniqueness department, but they talk about a bad quality video. A total no-no!


Yes! The details count. When looking at a company’s portfolio, see if the transitions are smooth, if the music matches what’s happening onscreen, if it blends with the voiceover and even if there are video leaps or loud sounds.

#2. Their video production process

How the work is done will account for  the final result. When looking for the perfect video company, ask yourself: does the company offer a way of letting you know what the explainer video process will be like beforehand? A constructive approach will:

  • Give you precise timing for each stage.
  • Let you see the work as it is being done and the overall progress.
  • Offer you time and space to give feedback. After all, nobody knows your business better than you!

#3. Customer feedback

Good communication also implies giving others the chance to say what they think. With explainer videos, you can expect video testimonials. But text testimonials, reviews, ratings, recommendations and any type of info that customers provide about the production company are also important.

A happy customer won’t hesitate to recommend a good company!

#4. Budget

Your budget will be a good parameter that will let you choose between different options.

The most affordable explainer video companies often offer what are called template videos: they use clipart, voice robots and predefined animations to make your video. This will result in less costs and a quicker production processes, but the outcome will be deficient. As the same templates are used for thousands of explainer videos, you will get no uniqueness, no branding: no impact. And even worse, your company may come off as cheap.

On the other hand, professional explainer video companies will create everything from scratch for you, starting from the script all the way to the last pixel-size details. In this way, you will get an explainer video that will fit your target audience, message and brand in a special and unique way. This will account for much more engagement and more leads, which will translate into a better return on your investment.

A quality result is quite clear when you see it!

As you can see, there are several things to take into consideration before choosing an explainer video company. And that is good! It’ll leave you with fewer options to outweigh and the certainty that you are making the right choice.

If you want to know even more about how to choose the right explainer video company, you can download our free eBook now. It also contains info on how to integrate your explainer video with your current marketing campaigns. We wish you a happy production process! 


how to choose the right explainer video company


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