You want your explainer video to have personality, transmit credibility, and also be persuasive and memorable, right?

Then it's very important  that you take some time to choose the right voice-over artist that can soak through the screen and provoke positive emotions and a strong connection with your target audience. In this blog post we will give you some tips on how to make this important choice, so that you can bring your audience closer to the message you're trying to deliver.


The Why

Every single detail of your explainer video has to be gifted with high quality. Just like you (we mean, you and the video production company) should invest time and dedication when writing the script, designing the characters and animating every element; picking out the right voice-over talent can make a huge difference in the final outcome. And, of course, when we say “the right voice talent” we mean choosing a professional artist, with a solid background like an explainer video narrator, this can help generate empathy with your target audience. This will make your message much more persuasive, compelling and memorable.  But, of course, there are some other tips you should consider when picking out your voice actor. Keep on reading!

The How

Picking out the right voice-over talent is about following some basic tips, and we've compiled the most important information you should bear in mind. Find the checklist below!

Persuade your viewers

As we've mentioned, choosing the right voice-over talent will give you the chance to provoke specific emotions in your target audience. Happy? Inspired? Funny? Confident? Excited? You can imbue all these emotions to your explainer video and many others. Make sure that you choose a talent that has versatility to play with different tones, pauses and inflections to provoke the desired effect.

In this video, for instance, the voice-over leads the story and also interacts with the main character in the video:

Focus on your target audience

Make sure you pick out the voice-over artist based on your viewer's age, gender, ethnicity, style and any other factor that could play a key role. This will enhance the identification of the viewer towards the story you're telling.

Provide character

Choose a talent that can provide your explainer video with personality and character. This will help you build brand awareness as it provides the story with credibility and will also make your video more compelling, interesting and convincing.

Check out how convincing the voice-over in this video is:

Exude confidence

Talking about credibility... make sure you hire a native speaker of your target audience's country that can transmit confidence and trust. A persuasive voice will help you a lot to make your viewers feel closer to the story you're telling and will also be decisive to give more power to the Call To Action.

Think long-term

When choosing a voice-over talent, think long term: pick him/her out by thinking that he/she will work with you on many different explainer videos. Changing the voice over artist for every explainer video you develop will not be beneficial at all. Always try to pick out one artist and stick with him/her.

Go with “the experienced ones”

As a final tip, a key reminder, once again: choose a talent that has wide experience in the field. Keep in mind that if you choose a bad quality or not a custom artist you are taking the risk of damaging your brand.  Your potential customers will judge your video based on what they see but also on what they hear!

We invite you to keep on surfing our blog to get more valuable video production tips!


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