Yes, it’s time! Your prospects have finally arrived to a highly anticipated decision stage.

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But hey, don’t start celebrating yet, there’s still some work to be done.

This is the final stage of your buyer’s journey. You’ve already read how to game up your video content strategy for this journey (and if you haven’t, you’ll probably be interested in reading that!), but this is the that moment everything has been building up to.

During the decision stage, your potential customers are just a tiny step away from being converted from leads into customers. So, how can you give them the final push so they decide to choose you?

Choose and deliver the right video content.

What Types Of Video Can You Use?

FAQ Videos

There’s only one reason why your customers haven’t passed through the decision stage yet: they still have questions. So, what can you do to show them that the best decision they can make is to choose your product? Answer their questions, using a FAQ video.

Look at this example from McDonald’s Canada. Somebody asked “Why does your food look different i your advertising than in the store?”, and they answered.

Demonstration/Instruction Videos

In the decision stage, your customers will also be asking themselves if you’re going to be with them during the buying process and after that. Instructional videos are the best way to show them that yes, you will be there!

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Personalized Videos

Today, the world is all about personalization- personalized content makes your customers feel special.

Actually, personalized videos are good for every step of the buyer’s journey, but they’re especially great for the decision stage. When you make your customers feel appreciated, you’re helping them take the final step to the purchase phase.

In this great example from Nike, they celebrate their user’s individual achievements, by using their information (such as miles covered and minutes logged) to deliver a special video for each person.

Distributing Your Videos Through Social Media

Videos and social media are a match made in heaven. Posting social media videos at the proper time is essential to convert a lead into a customer in just a few clicks, especially when they’re so close to the purchase!

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When creating videos for this platforms, remember to be concise, to make great quality videos (92% of consumers are more likely to have a negative perception of businesses that publish poor-quality videos, so be careful), and don’t forget to sell, but always make it as natural as possible.

So how can you successfully use social media video in your buyer’s decision stage?

Engage in Real Time With Live Videos

Using Live Videos, you can answer all your customer’s questions in a personal and immediate way. It lets you engage with your followers in an intimate setting, share a targeted message and lets your audience interact with you.


Pro Tip: Speak directly to your customers, and, when talking about the benefits of your product, remember to direct them to your landing page!

Use Facebook Video Ads

Using Facebook video ads, you can successfully target your ads to specific segments of your audience. The main goal of these ads is to take users to your landing page.

But what happens when they click through your ads, pass all the previous stages of the buyer’s journey, but still don’t make the purchase? Your leads might get distracted, they’re not ready to buy, or they don’t have the money at the moment.

You can use Facebook Video Ads to retarget users. Remember, just because they left the sales process, it doesn’t mean that they’re not interested in your product. It’s up to you to remind them of the solution you’re providing.

Pro Tip: Create another ad that is shown only to people who have already visited your landing page. Answer any doubts they had the first time. They already know about you, so use this in your favor.

So, that’s it, you’ve made it! Your customers got through the final stage and they’ve purchased your product. Now it’s time for celebration, and what a better way to do this than to keep improving your video marketing strategy? If you want to get more insight on how to boost your inbound marketing strategy with video, check out this free infographic!


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