Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-BOSS-thumbYou sure know that an explainer video can explain a product or service in seconds, increase sales by 20% on average and boost online visibility. But how do you convince your boss that your company would do better with an engaging animated marketing video?


Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: with today’s advice and useful educational resources, your boss will be dying to make one. Read on and give your boss a treat!

Here’s a great animated marketing video example to show to your boss:


1. Show Your Boss the Benefits of Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are extremely engaging and compelling. Besides, due to their customized production, they’re the perfect pitch every time! Show your boss the many benefits of these animated marketing videos listed below:

● They grow website’s visit time by 2 minutes on average. Read more about this.

● They boost your rankings in search engines, like Google and YouTube. Read our article on this.

● They help your brand to get more sales (a 20% conversion rate increase on average). Read on.


But you can’t just tell them this, you need to show them something! Here’s some great free educational material for you to use so that you can make an incredible presentation:

eBook: “How To Improve Your Marketing Campaign with an Explainer Video

This guide sums it all up! In here you’ll find the main reasons why explainer videos have become the latest marketing trend.

Infographic: “Why Explainer Videos are The Greatest Marketing Tools

Perhaps a whole eBook is too much information to show to your boss in a meeting, so we made this fun infographic to sum up the reasons why your company should make one of these marketing videos.


2. Some Budget Considerations

Quality is vital in an animated marketing video in order to get all of its benefits, so the cheaper explainer video company would never be the best one. However, the most expensive video production companies are not always the best choice either. To sum it all up: you need to focus on quality and not on the cost.


Your boss should bet on ROI (return on investment) and not on saving money during video production. The usual 20% sales boost sustained in time plus conversion rates from ads will be greater than your investment in the explainer video production costs, so keep that in mind.

But even before talking to your boss, go through the best explainer video companies’ portfolios and ask for a quote (for example, we can give you one right here!) so that you can meet them with a clear idea of the video production cost.


3. Help Your Boss Choose the Right Explainer Video Company


The only way to get the best quality and expertise is to hire a great video production company.

But how can you measure quality? In our free eBook “How to Choose the Right Explainer Video Company for your Business” you’ll learn how to measure animation quality, compare expertise, wisely check on portfolios, and get all the essential knowledge before hiring a video production company. Please, read it through and outline the basics to your boss!


Now you have all that you need to make an incredible presentation and delight your boss, which also gives you all the credit on this amazing idea!

Want some more knowledge, tips and resources? Please visit our Explainer Video Academy and get their eBooks, infographics and slides to boost all of your video marketing campaigns!

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