Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-PERSONAL-BRAND-beach-THUMBAny online brand wants to connect with its audience emotionally, or at least it should!


Connecting with your audience on a personal level revs up your sales process and turns your customers into faithful brand ambassadors. In marketing terms that means to build a personal brand!

Wistfully, that’s no easy task at all. But before you panic, I’ll show you exactly how to do it with the help of just one type of marketing content: an animated marketing video (like this one below)!

Now let me show you how an animated marketing video helps you to create a personal brand.


Audience Identification

One way to generate a so-called “personal brand” is to create animated characters that your audience can identify with. Hollywood movies use audience identification all the time: they make their main characters resemble the average audience (or what your audience would like to look like), so that people identify and create a personal bond with him/her. Well, animated characters in a custom marketing video work the same way!  Let me show how to do this in your animated video:

First of all, you need to make the main character look like your target audience (same age, same clothes, same job, etc.); this will build instant emotional identification. It’s not the same for a viewer to watch a movie starring a character that has nothing to do with him/her, than a movie where this main character looks just like them and has their same problems… And, hey! This kind of video also tells them how to solve problems with your product or service!

Check how we crafted two of our custom characters, for example:


By producing this kind of identification, you’re unconsciously telling your audience (and they’re listening!) that your brand gets them and that your explainer video is made just for them; something which is actually true! This also grows immediate audience engagement and reduces the amount of people that don’t watch the video all the way through

Audience identification is equally awesome for your brand, because viewers also engage with what they’re watching: and that’s the promotion of your product or service!

Watch how Mark, our construction professional, comes alive in our animated explainer video:



So you have a cute main character and an emotionally engaged audience: what’s next? You need to drive all those emotions towards your brand. That’s right, make your audience understand that it’s your brand generating these emotions and nobody else.

What is the best practice to achieve this? To use the colors of your brand in your animated marketing video! Apart from -needless to say- your company logo at the end.

Did you know that red Santa Claus was invented by Coca-Cola? He had a green outfit many years ago, but they dressed him with their brand colors (red and white) to promote their drink, and now the whole concept of Christmas is related to Coca-Cola! See how vital brand colors are?

Check out how we helped to create Tortilla Land’s personal brand, using the warm colors of their logo to create the landscape and characters for this animated TV commercial:


Online Identity

You’ve created a personal brand with a great animated explainer video, then why not make a complete online identity? Creating a recognizable online identity is an awesome goal for any online business!

Use the characters and colors of your brand in all of your marketing campaigns and place your animated characters on your website’s headers and banners, on social media, business presentations, everywhere!

Watch the cool video we’ve made for the folks at Ubiety. They’ve used the explainer video and its characters as a vital part of their website design:


Are you ready to create a personal brand? Get closer to your potential customers with your animated marketing video and make your brand stand out!  You’ll boost your sales and online visibility in no time. Now, if you want to learn more about this amazing marketing tool, get our latest eBook for free.

And to get further advice visit our Explainer Video Academy: inside, you’ll find useful video marketing content for your startup, such as infographics, eBooks and more.

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