Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-APPIER-1-THUMBCreating a strong online presence requires hard work, patience and consistency. The thing is that many times, you can invest a lot of money and time and don´t see the results you´re waiting for.

This could happen because you´re not communicating the right message, you´re not approaching your target audience the way you should, or any other reason.

Today we´ll focus on how you can get the most out of your animated marketing video to enhance your content marketing strategy and reinforce your online presence (doing things right and avoiding the most common mistakes, of course). Follow these tips, build the best animated explainer video possible to persuade and engage your audience, and maximize your ROI!


Animated video production for Bonkers.ie


Without a doubt, the features of your product are very important. But to gain the interest and attention of your audience you need to go one step further: you have to be empathetic, this is, you need to put yourself in their shoes. You have to communicate the benefits of your product in a very creative way, keeping the message aligned with the needs of your potential customers. If you want them to listen to what you have to offer, first put your speech in context to their needs.


Animated video "What is the best animated marketing video style for your business?"


Related to the previous bullet, triggering an emotional response from your audience is what will really make your animated marketing video memorable. A good way of striking up their emotions is by using characters that add a more personal approach to create an emotional bond between your brand and them. We strongly recommend crafting the characters and backgrounds by having your target audience as a reference (to make them feel you really care about them and that the video is made for them). If you want to learn more about character animation, check out this article.

Watch this example to see how characters are adapted to the target audience of this company:



Saving some money in the animated video production process can make you pay a higher price afterwards: a low quality animated video will lead to an awful brand image, and jeopardize your company´s reputation, create distrust and result in a reduction in sales. If you want to persuade your audience and make your animated marketing video drive conversions and sales, making it high quality is a must.




People enjoy watching videos much more than reading. If you give them what they want in the format they want, you´re already gaining ground. If you also make them entertaining and appealing, the results will be even better. If your audience finds your videos interesting, they´ll not only want to keep on watching, but also to share them  with their peers. They´ll keep on coming back to your website for more, and this helps a lot in many ways (SEO, brand awareness, exposure, conversions, etc.)

Just to inspire yourself, watch this funny and cool video we´ve developed for Ubiety:



Going with a professional animated video production company is probably one of the key points of developing an amazing video that fascinates your audience. Seeking professional advice and a talented team who can assist you in every stage of the animated video production process will certainly assure you of the best results. If you want to learn which aspects you should bear in mind when choosing a vendor, download this free eBook on How to choose the right explainer video company for your business.

Animated marketing videos are a great tool to use to boost you marketing strategy but you need to do things right to see good results. If you want to learn more about explainer videos and all they can for your business, visit our Marketing Video Academy: download free eBooks, infographics and slides that can help you get the most out of the online video marketing world!

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