We know that making a video (any type of video!) requires a good dose of energy, dedication, and focus.


That’s why we wanted share with you some great tips so that you can stretch the usage of your video content, to the maximum! Happy reading!


Using Up Your Video Content

Once you have developed a specific video to meet your marketing goals (whether it is an explainer video, a testimonial video, an educational video, an about us video, or any other) you also have the possibility to generate more useful and interesting content around that original material. This is a great alternative since it enables you to nurture your communication channels and social media platforms with valuable content for your target audience, while you also maximize that investment you have made.

In order to get the most out those sub-pieces of content, try to follow these guidelines:

  • Make it look professional, but also catchy: your piece of content should be of great quality and look professional, but also be colorful, attractive and alluring.
  • Memorable: include a mix of resources (music, catchy images, cool animations, etc) so as to maximize the memorability of the content.  
  • Keep it simple: people love simplicity, content that is easy to understand and to digest.
  • Fun: adding a dose of humour can also be a good resource to make your content more engaging. If you make it look natural, even better!

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Stretching The Use Of Your Video Content

We have compiled some ideas so that you can maximize the use of your video and create a pack of marketing materials to nurture your communication channels. Check them out!

Behind the scenes videos

You can plan shooting a behind-the-scenes video during the recording of your main video. This is a great idea to show your audience how the video production process has been and, in a way, let your target audience be a part of it.

Multiple animated GIFs

You can also work on some colorful, attractive animated GIFs, just like we did ourselves with Dracula and the characters of Tortilla Land :D



Infographic material

Have you worked on an educational video? Then design an infographic with all the graphic material you've created, that briefly compiles the main concepts to be delivered.


You can also develop some micro-clips about specific topics, to post on social media platforms and blog posts. These types of mini-videos are highly engaging and have an amazing power of viralization .

In your case, have you worked on any other type of marketing content based on original video content? Share your case with our community!

Last but not least, if you have developed an explainer video, these ideas can help you squeeze its usage to the maximum!

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