You've probably heard out there that the attention span has decreased to 8.25 seconds on average.

That represents a huge challenge for marketers that want to grab consumer's attention and keep it. In this article we're going to share some useful tips that will help you engage your audience in the very first few seconds of your video. Check them out!


Animated video production for "Catan" by Yum Yum Videos.

Grabbing Internet user's' attention is a titanic challenge for any professional that works in Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations or any other field related to Communications. In this fast-paced digital era, full of constant stimuli that immerses us in an unstoppable flood of information, it's quite hard for any marketer to get their brand noticed. Not for nothing, Google itself published an article in which they analyze how advertisers can create more engaging stories from the very beginning in YouTube's ads, in order to prevent viewers from pressing the “skip” button.

So, how can you make your explainer video highly engaging from second 0:01? Although there is no magic formula, we recommend that you follow some basic guidelines:


If your video doesn't simply load in the first two seconds, people will quickly leave. So make sure it loads fast: testing it on different devices and browsers is a good start. If you're hosting your own videos, make sure that none of the plug-ins are interfering with their functioning.


You don't have much time to waste. Be direct, be straightforward and give your audience, from the very first few seconds, a catchy message that leads them to ask for more. This takes us to the next bullet…


A great way of grabbing your audience's attention is by asking an interesting question at the beginning of the marketing video. This will probably make them feel curious about it and stay “there” to hear the answer at the end. Check out this clear example:





Value your potential customers' time and they will reward you the same way. Make your video short and straight to the point. As we've mentioned, you've got to be direct from the start, but also stay on that track: move forward with a decisive focus, and make your message clear and simple. This will certainly boost the engaging power of your video.


Set up the right tone according to the message you want to deliver and the target audience you're talking to. Have in mind that, according to a study published by Google, videos including humor performed better than those with an “emotional” or “calming” tone (nevertheless, know that this study is based on video ads, not on video in general). Of course not every brand can make use of a humorous tone for its explainer videos. It will depend on each case. The key point is that you should set the right tone in the first few seconds of your video.


Animated video production for "Catan" by Yum Yum Videos.


It also seems that leaving the logo or any audible mention of the brand for the end of the video is what works best. If you're going to show your brand within the first 5 seconds, you should make sure it's tied to your product, and it does not appears elsewhere on the screen. People are less likely to watch and remember brands when they feature flying brand logos that aren't actually on products.

In this rapid digital world, it's imperative that you find creative ways to instantly grab your audience's attention. And of course, consider also some best practices like these ones we've just presented. Hope you've found them useful!

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