Once you have your explainer video done, you will probably want to know the impact it will have on your business.
So that's the moment you want to measure the Return On Investment (ROI)  of your video. Fortunately, as video marketing is 100% trackable, getting specific insights about how your video is performing is a snap! Today we will share with you some key metrics you should be observing to evaluate how well your explainer video is doing. Let's start!


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Comparative Of Leads

It's great if you look at how many views your videos has. But you also need to go further! Remember that your goal is to lead them in the direction you want, to take a specific step, to “convert” them. With this in mind, a good idea is comparing the number of leads you had before publishing the explainer video, and after.

Tip: to get new leads, a compelling and strong Call To Action (CTA) plays a key role. Check out these tips for including CTAs in your explainer video!

Views And Engagement on YouTube

How your prospects connect with your video says a lot about how effective it is. Take some time to analyze how your video is performing on YouTube, the #2 largest search engine on Earth and the #3 largest social network. As a start, observe these metrics:

  • the number of views it's getting.
  • the average watch time (this will give you a clue on how people connect with your content, if they find it attractive or not, and which sections of your video need to be improved upon. Remember that you want your viewers to see the specific Call To Action, which might be placed at the end of your video... )
  • the engagement your video is generating. Word of mouth and loyalty from your prospects is the best thing you could ask for! Evaluate how many likes, dislikes, shares and comments your video is getting and analyze how people connect with your brand and content.

Tip: don't miss this summary of the most important YouTube metrics you should be tracking!


Average Time On Site And Bounce Rate

An effective explainer video will instantly grab your audience's attention. And this will have a direct impact on the time on site and bounce rate metrics. Let me put it simply: people tend to spend 10 to 20 seconds on a website, but if your explainer video is catchy and attractive enough, you can increase your time-on-page rate by 2 minutes! Of course, at the same time, this helps you reduce your bounce rate (which should be lower than 60%). Hence, track these two metrics and analyze if there's anything that should be adjusted in your video or even in your website.

Comparative Of Sales

Although it could be hard to correlate views and sales, this is another metric you could track: evaluate the number of sales you had prior to the launch of your video and then analyze the number of leads received after its publication. If you can see that your sales rate has boosted, it might indicate that your explainer video could have played its role in turning your prospects into customers.

Tip: want to learn more about how video content can help you through each stage of the buyer's journey? Read this article on how to boost your marketing efforts using video.


And Finally...Adjust To Improve!

BUT, before working on the adjustments...please be considerate and patient! Give your explainer video some time to prove its full potential...at least, 4, 5 or 6 months before assessing its performance and doing the necessary tweaks. Then you can act accordingly and see what needs to be improved upon - or even empowered! - in order to get the best ROI.

As you might be hungry for more information, we invite you to surf our video metrics section for more killer tips and tricks! ;) See you soon!  


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