Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-WHITEBOARD-1-2-3-THUMBExplaining how a new product or a revolutionary service works is quite hard work. Nowadays, most companies are using animated explainer videos to do it, because they explain any product or service in a few seconds and drive the right audience to convert.

Amongst animated marketing videos, there’s a particular animation style that stands out when dealing with complex explanations: they’re called whiteboard animation videos.


Today, let’s learn about them and find out if they’re the best explainer video style for your business:


1. The Secret Of Whiteboard Animation: Educational Power!

Whiteboard videos’ main secret is quite obvious actually: in a whiteboard video you’re basically explaining things on a whiteboard. How many times did somebody use a whiteboard to explain something to you? Hundreds! Thousands I may guess. From elementary school to job meetings, whiteboards represent explaining something new.

Whiteboard animation videos work on this powerful secret: they engage the audience unconsciously and pre-dispose them to an explanation. This is why these kinds of animated videos are so good when explaining complex, technologic or even state-of-the-art material.

Watch this whiteboard explainer video of ours and see how the complex click frauds issue is disclosed in a fun and entertaining way:


2. The Personal Touch Of Character Animation

The second great advantage of whiteboard videos is the use of animated characters, because they can get a more human approach.

But be wise! Not all explainer video companies make high-quality animation and if the characters can’t move properly and don’t look alive, the human approach is missing and the animated video won’t be so engaging or memorable. Therefore, your marketing results will be demised due to the lack of good character animation.

Watch how the use of animated characters makes our whiteboard video way more engaging and fun:


3. The Story Is Created Before Your Very Eyes!

Whiteboard videos bear another catchy secret: the story is created on sight. This generates intrigue and anticipation, making the audience willing to keep watching what’s next on the video.

However, as it happens with animated characters, in order to produce this effect you need a good whiteboard explainer video company, one that makes the whole story connected smoothly without clipping or camera swaps (unlike any other animated marketing video style).

In this video we tell the whole story without cuts or swaps, making it smooth and polished. Check it out:

Whiteboard animation is one of the most traditional animated video styles, but there are many other animated video styles out there. So choosing one over the others will depend on your target audience and your marketing goals.

Here’s a fun short video that can help you find the best explainer video style for your brand:


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