coca-cola-santa-claus-smiling-278202-edited-415314-editedBack in the 1920’s, Santa Claus was embodied in several different ways: from a tall, skinny man to a spooky-looking elf, but seldomly like we know him today, a joyful and friendly big man with a long beard and a bright red costume.

This achievement, as several of us know, was accomplished by Coca-Cola through a series of holiday ads starring Santa. From then on, the shade of red that represents the beloved beverage is also the color of one of popular culture’s most cherished characters.


We are not saying you will influence Western culture the way Coke did (maybe you will!), our point is visual cues are super important in generating brand awareness. And they are a great resource you can add to your animated explainer video!

Being consistent with your color palette is important across all applications, and explainer videos are no exception. This is because colors convey instant emotions and identification, so they help communicate what we want our viewers to feel and remember.

Nonetheless, it is not necessary to stick to only one color to accomplish brand awareness through your explainer video. For instance, Turning Technologies made smart use of their main color, a vivid yellow, by complementing it with green grass. The alteration creates visual interest and also helps with brand recognition.

Having these super colorful videos is awesome! But what if you choose to create a Whiteboard Animation video? This technique consists of “drawing” its contents over a white board as the video progresses, so it couldn’t be that easy to apply your brand’s palette here, right?

Not at all! The great thing about Whiteboard Animation is that it is the details that count. Important elements can be highlighted with a touch of color not only to draw attention, but also to establish an immediate link between them and the brand.

Such is the case of Fraudlogix’s animated video production. The red, cyan and green of the squares in its logo create a solid contrast with the white of the frame and the black outlines of the marker:

See how well it works? Both the characters and the concepts that communicate Fraudlogix’s value proposition clearly stand out from the rest because of smart color application.

The great thing about videos is that their high engagement rates (Hubspot) mean a minute or so of constant exposure to your band’s visual identity, which will definitely help not only with brand recognition, but with its remembrance. What we remember, we know, and what we know, we trust. Brand recognition is the way to help your viewers gain confidence towards your business!

Have you thought about how your business could profit from this? No matter what hues represent your brand, you could definitely make a bold statement by having an explainer video. Maybe you won’t change Santa’s colors, but you will definitely gain awareness!

Interested in learning more? We love that spirit! Visit our Animated Marketing Video Academy and find the best explainer video production tips, completely free.

Happy holidays!

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