Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-GENERATE-BRAND-LOVE-WITH-ANIMATED-VIDEOS-THUMBOh explainer videos! They’re not only the ultimate marketing tool, but they’re also becoming more popular as more people are getting know how great they are to promote products or services and not just that, but also to generate brand love!

Yes, you didn’t read that wrong and we didn’t misstate anything, we meant (and wrote) brand love! Because emotions and feelings aren’t exclusively a living creature’s thing, they can also be generated within a brand and a customer.

The question is how? And the good news is that, this is exactly the subject of our article today and all you have to do to learn how to generate brand love with your animated marketing video, is keep on reading!



Your audience must know you care

With an animated explainer video, what you’re doing is reaching potential customers, so therefore they can become frequent customers and brand ambassadors, but to get all of this, first you need to let your audience know that you genuinely care about them.

For that to happen, in your animated marketing video, you need to always put them first. Make it all about them, after all they’re the ones who matter, because it is with their help that your sales and conversions will increase.

So focus your marketing video merely on your target audience, their problem and on how your brand can brand solve it! This way they’ll know you understand and care about them.

See in this animated video of ours how we exposed the problem the audience has:


Make the characters resemble your audience

Letting your viewers know you understand them is not all you need to do. To generate brand love you also need your audience to feel reflected in what they’re watching. To achieve this, make your characters resemble your audience.

Design your animated characters in a way that they can have, for example, the same age, clothing, job and -most importantly- the same problem of your target audience. This will make the viewers identify with your brand and therefore an emotional bond will be created .

And what’s better, audience identification is a great way to make your viewers recall your brand even long after watching your animated marketing video!

To know how to correctly make your characters resemble your viewers, watch how we designed the characters in this animated video where the target audience were bar owners and young musicians:


Put your ego aside

Ego and narcissism won’t take you anywhere when in comes to marketing a product or service, because your target audience don’t need to hear how great your brand is, but -on the contrary- they want to know in which way what you offer will be useful for them.

So don’t make your video all about your brand and neither all about your product’s features. It’s not that we don’t want you to say the benefits of your product; you can do that, the point is that this can’t be the main focus.

If you don’t follow our advice, people will lose interest and they’ll just stop watching the video. Instead, if you make your audience the star of the video, they’ll feel like you care about them and not like you’re just trying to sell them something.

See here how we didn’t introduce the brand’s name only until after almost the second half of the video:


Make a wise use of your brand colors

Who doesn’t like colors? They make everything more beautiful and -in the marketing world- they can make wonders!

Spread your brand colors throughout the video, this way your brand will be present the entire time the animated marketing video lasts, letting brand awareness grow within your audience.

Using your brand colors in your explainer video will help you create a powerful visual identity from beginning to end. And like this, the viewers will know your brand is the one behind that awesome story they’re watching!

Observe now a great example of how to wisely use our brand colors in an animated marketing video. Here, the blue of the brand’s logo is simply everywhere:

A voice of trust

There’s nothing better for building brand trust than a voice we can rely on, this is why it is so important to properly choose the voice talent that is going to narrate the story in your animated video.

The best explainer videos have a professional voice actor making the voice over, because only the experts will know which tone to use and how to speak correctly to reach the right  audiences.

 It’s also very important that the voice actor be native from the country where the marketing video will be shown, so the target audience can hear a voice that sounds just like theirs.

For example, the target of this animated video production is British marketing managers, so of course we hired a British voice talent:


All of these pieces of advice will lead you to achieve the desired brand love within your audience and your brand! Take advantage of them and good luck in your marketing campaign. Plus, in case you want to know how to make it better, download here our free eBook: “How to improve your Marketing Campaign with an Animated Video”.

Also, to get more tips about how to make the best explainer video production, visit Yum Yum's Video Academy, where you’ll find even more eBooks, awesome infographics and cool slides to help you out in the production process of your next animated video!

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