Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-BRAND-thumbTrust is one of the things that make a customer buy a particular product or service. If this kind of confidence doesn’t exist, it will be harder for any company to achieve its marketing goals.

This is why it’s so important to make people really trust your brand, but the question is, how can you do  this properly? In our experience, we know that animated marketing videos are a great solution because they can be incredibly engaging and help you increase sales by 20% on average.

Here's one of our best explainer videos, for instance:


However, you must know that trust doesn’t just come along with a nice-looking video. In order to generate brand trust within your potential customers, your video should have certain characteristics that are only present in professional animated explainer videos like the one you've just watched.

To find out what those features are, keep on reading!


Know your audience and let them know that you do!

If you want to be a good brand promoter you have to know your customers, but to be a great one, you need them to acknowledge you for it. The best way to do this is by letting your audience find out that you’re aware of their problems and are ready to help solve them; animated marketing videos are excellent for achieving this!

One great practice is to design animated characters that represent your potential customers, with similar looks, ages and jobs or with similar interests, behavior and desires. In this manner, the audience engagement will be stronger and the viewer will feel identified with your brand and create an emotional bond with it.

Audience identification is a great way to make viewers recall your brand even months after watching the video.

A perfect example of character design is in this animated video we made, where we wanted to represent a particular audience of young music fans. There, not just characters but also backgrounds were designed to build audience identification and grow brand awareness:


The audience is what matters

Ego and narcissism don’t get along with success. To really increase sales with the help of an animated explainer video you have to save your product’s features for later and make your audience be the true star.

If your video focuses only on how amazing a product or service is, people will surely stop watching it, but if it deals with your audience’s problem and it also hands over the solution, the response will be completely different.

This way, the viewers will know that you care about them and that you’re not just trying to sell them something.

For a better understanding of this clever approach, watch in the next video how the brand isn’t even mentioned until 0:24 seconds. Before that moment, the video was all about the audience and nothing else:


The right voice

The reason for this entire post is to teach you about brand awareness and trust, but your audience won’t get it from your video if the voice-over is not a trustworthy one. That’s why your animated marketing video needs to have a professional voice talent.

If the voice-over is boring, the whole video will be boring as well, no matter how cool the animations are. Only a professional voice-over artist knows how to transmit the right emotions to the right audience, so don’t skimp on this.

Additionally, if the video will be watched in the United States, the voice-over person must be American, because listening to a familiar accent always grows trust within the audience.

You’ll see a perfect example of how important a native professional voice-over is in this video we made for American Express Australia, using a native Australian voice talent:


Spread your brand colors

Using your brand colors throughout your animated marketing video is a smart move in order to grow brand awareness within your audience, because it creates a powerful visual identity from beginning to end.

Applying your colors in the video will unconsciously affect viewers because you’re letting them know your brand is the one behind that awesome story. That’s why colors can also be awesome brand trust builders.

Watch how we made the brand present throughout the entire video with the use of just three colors: white, blue and yellow.


All right, so you’re already aware of how your animated marketing video can generate brand trust, and hopefully all of this knowledge will help you achieve your marketing goals!

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