Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-ROI-calculator-THUMBWhen you make a great animated explainer video, you’re spending not just money but time, talent, and energy -you’re investing a lot. It is natural to expect an outcome representing a bigger reward than what you originally spent.


According to experts, video is the marketing content with the best ROI -they have proven to be the most effective form of marketing content.

So don’t worry, these animated marketing videos are great resources for improving your ROI, let us show you how:


1. Cut To The Chase!

Let’s be honest: people are becoming lazier nowadays! So you need to make it very easy for them to understand what problem your product or service solves in order to convince them to choose your brand over the rest of the available choices.

An animated marketing video manages to get to that point in less than two minutes, in a way that is both fun and appealing. And, this also spares time otherwise invested in a long read.

Watch how this animated marketing video explains the service, outlines the brand's features and tells a fun short story in just 30 seconds:


2. What They See Is What You Sell

If you want to sell something, you need to show it. And, more importantly, you need your product to be seen. Marketing videos boost your visibility by earning great rankings on the most powerful search engines: Google and YouTube.


By attracting your visitors’ attention, you increase your average visit time from 8 seconds to 2 minutes on average. And by doing so, your ranking on Google will improve and your website will be more reachable.

If you make a killer video it will be notable on YouTube (the 2nd largest search engine in the world) as well, so you will be covered on both fences.

You can download our free eBook to get expert advice on how to rank high on YouTube's results pages.


3. Money Follows The Eyes

An eye-catching video will increase your website’s visibility. More visitors means more online presence.  And subsequently, a bigger online presence improves the chances of turning visitors into actual customers.


If the initial concern is getting a great reward after making an investment (we’re talking about ROI after all, right?), then here’s a figure that will certainly calm you down: it’s proven that, on average, animated marketing videos can grow conversions by 20%!

This number proves  that there’s a direct correlation between people watching your video and spending money on what your company offers. When you craft something so appealing that ultimately becomes irresistible, money will invariably follow the eyes.


4. Social Publicity Means Free Publicity

Social Media is just perfect for marketing purposes: it provides channels into which promotion can be easily developed. And since video is the most shared content on social networks, then animated marketing videos come off as a Godsent for “free” publicity.


Bear in mind that your video acts as an independent marketing tool. It is a package that contains (and shows) valuable information of your company, so any time someone posts your video on Facebook or Twitter, some sort of independent promotion is been made. This is when social publicity means free publicity.

If you take good care of your social networks by being active on them and create content on a regular basis, your online presence will increase through the promotion set in motion by your own audience.

Free social advertising will save you time, and money –oh, yeah.


5. Branding

If you really want to engage your audience on a personal level, you need to make them aware of your brand. And to achieve that, you must customize your video through a couple of important resources: characters and colors.

Your audience should relate to the message you’re getting across. If you show characters that your viewers can identify with, then they will definitely feel closer to your brand.

Look at these cool characters especially made to suit a 20-to-30 rock fan target audience, for example:


The colors of your brand should also be present throughout your custom video. This way your potential customers will recall your brand after the video is finished, and they’ll gain awareness of it in an effective way.

Watch this fun custom marketing video and pay attention to its branding elements (colors, backgrounds, and especially the aforeshown characters):

Remember that the more specific your message is, the deeper your connection with your audience will be!


This is how you can improve your ROI with your animated explainer video. What you put in is what you get out of it, so if you make great video content -and make sure people watch it- rest assured you’ll get great rewards on your investment.

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