Tracking results is part of every businessman’s main tasks.

As a marketer, you wouldn't be able to make the necessary adjustments in order to get the best ROI on every campaign, if you didn't take the time to evaluate what's wrong and what's right.

Talking about video marketing specifically, there are several myths around how magical a video can be, or how it can turn into the life vest you are looking for. Just like with any other marketing initiative, video content also has to be implemented strategically and tracked over time to measure its performance.

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Today we'll go over some key points you should bear in mind when assessing your animated explainer video effectiveness. Read on!

No Harry Potter At All  

Talking about you want to make a video to double your traffic stream or to boost your conversions and sales at the speed of light? Wrong choice! Neither video content in general, nor explainer videos in particular, are magical pieces of content that can save you from tough times, anytime, anywhere you need them. Your marketing video has to be a key part of your online marketing strategy and has to pursue clear defined goals. Obviously, an explainer video can help a lot in boosting your visibility through SEO, and in increasing your conversion rate, but just like most of the things in the business world, there's no magic at all. Let's leave Harry Potter for the movies: to get the most out of your explainer video, you have to align it with your overall marketing strategy and, once this is done, take some time to evaluate what could be improved, changed, or removed.

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Key Performance Indicators - A Guide For Your Eyes

How could you track your video effectiveness if you didn't set up some key performance indicators? The KPIs are the specific parameters that you'll use to measure results. Of course there are several KPIs you might track. Some of the most frequently used ones are:

- Bounce Rate and Time-on-Page: the Bounce Rate is the percentage of users who come to your site and leave it without visiting any other page on the website. Time-on-Page is the time spent on your web page by visitors who did not bounce.  

- Video Click-Through-Rate and View-Through-Rate: Video CTR is the number of users who click on a video out of the total users who view the page. The VTR represents how many of those who landed in the page watch the whole video till its end. 

- SEO: comparing how your website ranked before and after embedding a marketing video can also work as a good indicator of video performance.

- Conversions Rate: by analyzing how many leads you get through your video you can have a general idea on how well it´s performing.

analytics animated exlainer video

Tip: if you want to get further information on these KPIs, read this blog post which compiles some useful tips that will certainly help you analyze the performance of your online videos.

Give It Some Time!

No magic results, you know. Give you explainer video some time before rendering a judgement! Once you have your KPIs predefined, take a reasonable time (maybe 4, 5, 6 months...or even more) to evaluate the average performance of your video and act accordingly.

Remember that tracking results is essential to truly understand what needs to be improved (or empowered).

At Yum Yum we have our own methodology to track the performance of our videos. Check out this article in which we share how we do it and which tracking platforms we use.

We've also compiled 3 basic tips that will let you get even more involved in the animated marketing video analytics world. Hope they help!

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