You have invested so much energy and attitude in developing your Christmas video! Now you want to know if it's really working.

That's when video analytics come onto the scene. Read this blog post and learn the most important metrics you should bear in mind to understand if your Christmas Video is yielding results!


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What You Have To Know

Before diving into the most important metrics that will provide you with the big picture on the overall performance of your video, let's recall some key considerations.

First thing you have to remember is that, just like in any other type of campaign, if you don't have a clear idea of your marketing goals, you have no direction at all. How could you work on an effective video if you don't even know what you want to achieve?

Secondly: once you have your marketing goals in mind, you should choose the common metrics you will focus on and -most importantly- the key performance indicators (KPI), these are, the most important metrics that you will consider to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

When doing this, you have to bear in mind the different metrics that each platforms brings. In general, the most popular hosting platforms offer advanced insights about video performance. Likewise, if you carry out your campaign on social networks, you'll have access to interesting data too.

Watch Tri-Technichal Systems' testimonial and note the benefits of using a video marketing campaign:

Ready to move on? Let's give a quick review to the most important metrics you should be observing!

Measuring The Impact Of Your Christmas Video

No matter if you place your Christmas video in your website, or if you spread it on third-party sites, such as social networks, there are some key metrics you should analyze to measure its overall performance.

Embedding your Christmas video in your website

Take a look at these metrics to understand how your video is performing.

  • Bounce rate: analyze if your visitors “bounce” too quickly when they land on your website. If they do (say your bounce rate is more than 60%) your video might not be encouraging enough so as to make them stay longer.
  • Time-on-page: of those visitors who do not bounce and stay, how long do they stay? Generally, people spend between 10 and 20 seconds on a website, but if your video is catchy enough, this metric should be higher.
  • Video Click-Through-Rate and View-Through-Rate: you can also assess the number of users who click on a video out of the total users who view the page (Video CTR), and also how many of those who landed on the page watch the whole video till its end (VTR). Also, observe what sections viewers are dropping off in to work on the necessary adjustments.
  • Conversions: you can also evaluate how many conversions you get after the publication of your video, and compare this number with the original figure you had prior to publication.

Tip: if you're driving traffic to your website and if the final conversion (or even the micro-conversions) will be made on site, remember to include tags in your video so you can analyze  its performance.

Distributing your Christmas video in third-party sites

What if you're running out a branding campaign and want to post your videos in different social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube? You could even post it on third-party blogs or websites. Which metrics should you measure? Here we share some ideas.  

  • Number of views: analyze how many views your videos get over time.
  • Watch time: by assessing the watch time you can have a clearer idea of how long your viewers are watching for and if they watch the video till the end.
  • Demographics: learn about who is watching your videos and understand if they match with the target audience of your campaign.
  • Engagement: by analyzing likes, shares, comments and other types of engagement you can have the big picture of how your viewers are connecting with your brand/product.

We hope this information has been useful! We strongly recommend that you complement this information by reviewing these 3 key tips to understand video marketing analytics.

See you in our next blog post!

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