Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-Broken-Pencil-THUMBSomeone had to say it, and who better than Yum Yum Videos, an explainer video production company with hundreds of marketing video scripts made. Why do we claim your script is wrong? Well, because most non-professional scripts usually fall for the same typical mistakes; and today you’ll learn how to avoid them! So take this as a gift from us and read this article with the best explainer video script tips and advice.

You can find all of this knowledge inside our free eBook: “How To Write An Animated Explainer Video Script”.

Here’s a great animated marketing video example run by an excellent script, check it out:

Now let’s go through the most common mistakes in explainer video scriptwriting:


#1 It’s Too Long!

A very common mistake people make is writing a long script, which makes it a boring one.


But how do you know how long a video will be by just reading a script? It’s a hard question, but actually easy to answer. Through our experience as an explainer video production company, we’ve figured out that 160 written words on a script equals 1 minute in video format. Of course, it all depends on the pauses and beat of the voice over you’ve chosen.

However, that simple equation gives you a hint to learn how many words to add to your explainer video script. For us, the magical number is 240 words, which equals 90 seconds in video format: that’s enough time for you to explain your product or service and it’s also short enough for the audience not to get bored and stop watching.

A recent study revealed that marketing videos under 30 seconds long are watched all the way through by 85% of the audience, while 2-minute videos are watched by just 50%. Videos that go on for more than 2 minutes drop complete-view rates drastically.

Then if you have a script with 800 or 1,000 words, think twice before you start producing it. A long marketing video will only make you lose potential customers and affect your Video SEO rates (read this fantastic piece on how to rank #1 on YouTube).

Here’s a fun animated explainer video that manages to explain everything in only 30 seconds:


#2 This Video Is Not For Me!

You need to know how to target your video (and therefore your script) to a specific audience. We always recommend not targeting a wide range of people with your video (for example, 20 to 60 men and women). This is quite a typical mistake, so always try to be as specific as possible with your audience targeting. A marketing video that 60-years-old folks love might be dull and boring for 20-year-old young men.


Bad targeting usually drags a high amount of view drops, making Google and YouTube (in case you host your video there) consider your video as a boring or even as a bad-quality one because most people simply stop watching it after the first few seconds. This targeting mistake leads search engines to not place your video high in the search results and makes you lose online visibility and many potential customers.

Targeting is fundamental and it must be present in the script, the storyboard and the character design. Look at how we represented a specific target audience in Gigtown’s explainer video from the script, backgrounds and characters:

You can read a detailed analysis on this animated video in the guest article we wrote for Jeff Bullas.


#3 It’s Too Salesy

Your explainer video should explain how your product or service helps your potential customers to solve a problem. If your script just focuses on explaining how awesome your brand is, no one will be pleased and they’ll stop watching it or worse: not purchase anything from you.

People look for solutions and that’s why we call it an “explainer” video; it explains how your brand helps them.


But how do you avoid being too salesy? The answer is: by following a solid structure. Focus your video on solving your audience’s problems with a classic film structure, divided into 3 acts. First, we have the “What”: what the problem of your audience is. Then we have the “How”: how your brand solves that problem. Finally, it’s the “Why”: why your audience should pick your brand among others.

This classic structure is explained step by step in our free eBook; you can download it over here.


#4 It’s Boring

This is one of the worst things that can happen to your video. If your explainer video is boring, there’s nothing you can do: no one will watch it. If you look carefully, all of the previous pieces of advice stand so that this doesn’t happen to you.

Making it brief, well targeted and structured are usually the main requirements to craft an entertaining video, but sometimes they’re not enough. The scriptwriter’s expertise and ability to make stories entertaining are a vital part in making the video fun!


Let us now give you some cool ideas to apply in your animated marketing videos with real examples:

a. Humor

Humor can be added from the script or visually added later on. The humoristic touch will make your video way more engaging, and help you grow your conversion rates, generate greater social media buzz, leverage your position in the search engines, and so on.

Look at how we used a cute Superman and a lovely Thor in Appier’s animated marketing video, adding humor and helping to disclose the idea in a fun way:


Now you can watch the entire animated explainer video:


In this one, we turned the target audience (marketer) into an ultimate data ninja!


Watch the whole animated marketing video over here:


b. Nostalgia

Another great idea is to take the viewer back with powerful childhood memories or drive their minds back to the good old times.

Look at this example; we made the animated characters look like old science fiction figures and we also added the well-known spaceships from the now-retro videogame Space Invaders:


Here's the full-lenght whiteboard video:


With all of these tips and advice you can’t miss out on great script writing for your next animated marketing video!


But, just to make sure, why not ask us for a quote? We’d love to help you make your video and make those great business ideas come alive! Contact us anytime.

Meanwhile, keep on learning! Visit our Explainer Video Academy and download our free educational video marketing resources (from eBooks to infographics and slides) or else stop by our blog and get the best explainer video tips. Good luck!

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