Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-Whiteboard-wrong-THUMBEverybody loves whiteboard animated videos, because they’re fun to watch, easy to understand and even cute! And the best thing is that they drive excellent marketing results for businesses. The problem is that not all of them get these results. Why? Simply because they’re not well made.


Obviously you don’t want this to be the case for your own whiteboard video, so the good news is that in this post we’ll explain how to make a professional high-quality whiteboard explainer video.


But before we get there, let’s identify first when a whiteboard animated video is wrong:


- When it doesn’t have connected drawings

A very common mistake is making a whiteboard animation without connected drawings. If this is missing, the whole whiteboard continuous effect will be lost and the video won’t be as engaging as it could be. Bear in mind that one of the main advantages of these videos is that they are being drawn in front of your eyes, making everything connected and also creating great levels of anticipation and engagement.

So don’t add too many draw-and-erase sections or camera swaps; connect one image with the other instead so it makes the storyline flow much better.

Look at how we managed to bind the whole story together by connecting the drawings in this one:


- When the hand is gone

This one would be a fatal mistake! If there’s no drawing hand, it’s simply not a whiteboard animation video because the entire drawing-on-a-whiteboard idea is missing so it’s just a black-and-white cartoon animated video. Plus if you forget about the hand, your video will also lose its charm and educational approach.


- When it has too much color

Traditionally these kinds of animated videos are in black and white. This doesn’t mean that you can’t add any color at all; it just means that you can’t put too much. Be fussy about it and use the colors wisely, putting them in specific places, for example to evoke the brand logo, as we did in this cool whiteboard animation:


- When it’s not educational

These videos are always great to use if you need to use an educational approach precisely because of the use of a whiteboard. The whole technique is based on how whiteboards are used to explain material in job meetings, presentations and courses.

This fact doesn’t mean you can’t use whiteboard animation for commercials or any other marketing video purpose, but they’ll always perform better if you give them an educational approach because that’s what fits them like a glove. That’s the case for animated marketing videos, which explain to a particular audience how a certain product or service works.


Now Work It Like A Pro!

Alright, so we already know when a whiteboard video is wrong; now it’s time to learn how to make a professional one!

Before we begin, let us give you a fine example of a professional whiteboard explainer video:


1. Use a professional script structure

In order to make a professional whiteboard explainer video, you need to first have a well-written story, you’ll get this by writing with a professional classic 3-act script structure, just like the ones in Hollywood movies. Besides, it’s important to focus your script on your audience’s problem and not on your brand’s features.

Those 3 acts are the beginning, middle and end.

In the beginning (the “what” part of our marketing video script) we say what would be the problem your audience has. In this stage you should focus only on the target audience and not on your brand. Later on, in the middle (the “how” part), you explain how does your product solve that problem; this is the moment to mention your brand for the very first time. And lastly, it comes the end (the “why” part); here you have to say why is your company the best to solve the audience’s problem and why should the audience choose you among the completion.

If you want to learn more about scriptwriting for animated marketing videos download our free eBook How to Write an Explainer Video Script.


2. Have animated characters

This is usually our secret play; note that not all explainer video production companies add animated characters to their whiteboard videos, but we do and also recommend it because this will make your video stand out among the rest!

Animated characters give life to any kind of video and if you use them in whiteboards, the final result will be much more dynamic and engaging because there will be life on it! Also bear in mind that when characters are custom-made, the audience can connect and identify with them easily. 

See how we made the characters look alive in this animated video:


3. Bring back childhood memories

We already know that whiteboard videos can remind us of when the teacher used to explain the lessons in the classroom, so in essence -and without any other complement- this kind of video has the ability to bet on the viewers’ nostalgia.

Then, to really get the best out of it,  we can always bring back more childhood memories and use references of sci-fi films or retro videogames (those memories should be always focused on your target audience), making your video even more fun and memorable!

Watch how we did it in this whiteboard animated video over here:


Now you have the tools -and the knowledge- to make a professional whiteboard animated video!

Nevertheless if you want to learn more about whiteboard video production feel free to visit our Explainer Video Academy and go through our entire catalogue of educational eBooks, infographics and slides. Or else keep browsing our blog to get the best explainer video production tips around.

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