Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-WHITEBOARD-yumyum-THUMBMaking a good whiteboard video is really tough work! It’s one of the most difficult styles of explainer video, so -as long as you’re looking for a quality one- it’s never easy as pie to craft. Whether you try doing it yourself or hire a whiteboard video company, today you’ll learn the basics on how to make a whiteboard animation video the Yum Yum Videos way! Stay tuned!


Some things in whiteboard video production are quite similar to any other animated marketing video (check the basics on explainer video scriptwriting, for instance) but a few others are restricted to this style in particular. Today we’ll focus on these unique and essential whiteboard production details:


1. The Storyboard: What's Going To Happen

In the storyboard you’ll describe the main visual actions in it and how the story is going to be developed throughout the video. The storyboard is made by the creative director and it’s one of the most important steps of the whole video production process.

Here’s a fine storyboard sample:


In this particular video style, you can’t add any clipping or camera swap between shots as you can with other animated videos, so bear this in mind when talking to your creative director. The whiteboard technique should run an uninterrupted drawing story where all of the drawings are connected (or at least most of them). If this can’t happen, it won’t be a proper whiteboard video.

Check out one of ours and see how the camera moves along from the previous drawing to the next, without losing connection and coherence. Let the story flow!


2. The Hand: No Hand, No Whiteboard Video

It’s vital to use a hand to draw the whole story on your whiteboard. Without that hand, your video also won’t be a proper whiteboard animation.

Nowadays, no video company records a real-life hand as in old-school whiteboards; every piece of drawing is made digitally (using Photoshop or Illustrator) and the hand too. You can cut out a high-resolution photograph or buy a video of a drawing hand and animate it to make it seem alive. Shake that hand!


3. The Artist: The Essential Part

Some animated video styles allow you to use very simple designs. Many animated explainer videos are made with doodle characters or something similar.

However, on whiteboard animated videos, drawings and characters play a more important role: graphics need to be very detailed and resemble a hand-made drawing made with a magic marker or a stylish pen. That’s why so much relies on the artist’s shoulders.

Check the details, styles and shading in this whiteboard animated video of ours:


4. High Quality Animation: Doing It Right

If we’re going to do it, let’s do it right! If everything is created digitally, why not try adding in some quality animation in the cartoon characters and motion graphic elements? Oh, yes! That would make your video way more engaging and people would grow empathy within those lively characters!

Check out the character animation in this one and see how it makes it super-engaging:


Well, that’s a good start to learn how to make a proper whiteboard animation video!

There are cheaper and quicker ways to make one, of course, but the end quality wouldn’t be anything  close to amazing and  your marketing results wouldn’t be the best they could be. If you want to know more about your whiteboard options, read our article: “Custom vs Template Whiteboard Animation: When, Why and How”.

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