Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-WHITEBOARD-idea1-THUMBWe all know that whiteboard videos have an outstanding ability to explain complex concepts, but can they give you some love?

Indeed, whiteboard animations are incredible explanatory machines but they’re equally awesome to use in order to grow brand love and brand awareness within an audience! This approach, however, must be planned at the very beginning of the video production process. Today we’ll run a detailed analysis on how these animated videos can turn into a conversion machine!


Here’s one of the whiteboard animations we’ll analyze today:


1. Identification and Empathy: I’m in Love!

The use of animated characters on whiteboard explainer videos isn’t mandatory, but it can certainly add a personal approach that gets your brand closer to your audience. The crafting of custom animated characters allows you to make a visual representation of your audience, growing identification and empathy towards those characters and the story in the video. This makes the video way more engaging and memorable.

Bear in mind that, in order to achieve all of this, your video must be fully custom; you should be able to tailor the whole thing by targeting your marketing objectives and the right audience.

This whiteboard animation (click here to watch the full video) has two different target audiences: vendors and suppliers. Watch how the animated characters were tailor-made to represent both of them:



2. Emotions and Good Memories: Right in the Childhood!

Another great move by some professional whiteboard production companies to generate brand love is to evoke powerful emotions or good old memories, so that your audience will eventually get attached to your brand.

In this animated video of ours, we link the audience’s problem (click fraud issues) with the video game Space Invaders and retro science-fiction movies. This decision adds some humor and a bit of nostalgia, which reaches the audience on an emotional level (click here to watch the full video):


Whiteboard explainer videos in particular also draw out intense memories from school by a teacher explaining something on a whiteboard. This helps the audience be prepared for a lesson on an unconscious level (and brings out powerful childhood memories). This is why there can’t be a whiteboard video without a drawing hand!



3. Brand Awareness: Cheat A Little and Color Up!

Colors are very important to use to create brand awareness. Wistfully, whiteboard animations are mostly black and white videos, so if you make them full-color you lose the whole idea.

But don’t despair! Here’s a little trick: allow yourself to use a few selected colors to generate brand recognition on an important segment of the video. Take a little risk when making a whiteboard video and add some of your brand’s colors in the right spot: they’ll stand out!

See how we used just the colors of the brand in these videos?



4. High Engagement: The Power of Storytelling

A good story always catches the audience’s imagination and helps you to grow brand love within them. Therefore, is important that the video has a great story in order to engage and guide the viewer.

The most important advice on generating brand love within your story is that your script (and therefore your video) must focus on how to help your potential customers, instead of on how great your brand is. Your script must show your audience that your brand is committed to solve their problems and not in selling stuff. This generates brand love and trust, and both of them will be reflected in your marketing objectives.

Remember: your brand is the hero of the story, but your target audience has the main role.

But writing a video script is not as easy as pie, so here’s a free step-by-step guide that also works on whiteboard videos and it’s super handy: “How to Write An Explainer Video Script


Well, these are the main tricks and tips to grow brand love within your audience with a whiteboard video. As a delicious dessert, here’s a couple of our best whiteboard animations so you can check out the things we’ve just taught you. Enjoy!


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