Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-WHITEBOARD-ExpertOk, so you want to make a whiteboard explainer video and you want to make it rightOne way to do this is to learn from the experts, but explainer video companies have their own secrets and it’s not that easy for them to reveal.

Except for Yum Yum Videos! We just can’t keep our mouths shut so we’ll tell our secrets right now!

So shout it out loud: Yum Yum Videos, an expert explainer video company, shares their wisdom on how to make a whiteboard video! Are you going to miss it?

First of all, here’s one of our own whiteboard animations so that you can check out our quality work:


1st Big Secret: Character Animation

The fact that whiteboard videos use characters is no news, but they aren’t usually animated. Well, professional animation can make them look alive! Animated characters help your animated video be more dynamic and engaging, and make the audience better identify with them.

Be careful though; not every animated explainer video company applies character animation in their whiteboard videos, because it’s not actually mandatory in this technique. But at Yum Yum Videos, we believe the addition of animated characters considerably boosts your video’s quality and makes it stand out among the rest.

Look at how character animation really affects this whiteboard animation, and helps the story develop:


2nd Big Secret: We Connect The Drawings

The most engaging thing about this video technique is that drawings are connected between them. Making it this way is quite difficult and makes whiteboard video production more expensive. However, connected drawings make these videos super appealing, because viewers watch how the story is created before their very eyes and how everything connects.

If whiteboard animation has too many cuts and swaps, or if the story has draw-and-erase parts that make everything start from scratch several times, then the video production will look like a low quality one: it won’t be engaging and it’ll miss its charm. All of this will reflect on your marketing objectives, and make you lose more money than doing it the right way the first time.

Look at how we connected the drawings in this whiteboard explainer video, revealing that the whole story was in fact a part of the brand logo: 


Pretty cool, huh? Here you can watch the entire video and see how the drawings become connected:


3rd Big Secret: We Use Colors!

Whiteboard animations are made in black and white; that’s a fact. But at Yum Yum Videos we cheat a little. Don’t worry: it’s all for the best! Our whiteboard animated videos always have some color addition but not much, because we don’t want to spoil this traditional technique.

We add the colors of the brand in some key spots, making the video stand out and be easily recalled.

See how we applied the brand colors in this one about click fraud problems:


Here’s the whole video for you to watch:


4th Big Secret: Right in the Childhood!

Our last big secret is to appeal the audience’s nostalgia. Many of our animated marketing videos draw powerful nostalgic memories and childhood experiences, and this is even more evident in whiteboard animations, in which the sole presence of the whiteboard takes our minds back to school.

All of this makes the video not just more fun, but also way more memorable. In order to get this though, you need to define your target audience correctly , or they won’t get all the childhood remarks you’re using.

Here are two cool examples of ours. In the first one, we used old sci-fi films references as well as elements from the video game Space Invaders, both fitting the IT professionals’ target audience of the video:


Watch the entire video over here:


In the second one, we used pirate stories and sea adventure elements and characters. They’re very engaging for the Spanish audience, because they’re basically a vital part of their country’s history:


Here you can watch the whole animated video:


Now you’ve learned the best kept professional secrets of whiteboard video production! Use them wisely for your next whiteboard explainer video.


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