Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-WHITEBOARD-cartoon-THUMBWith no doubt, everybody likes whiteboard explainer videos. Why? Simply because those cute black-and-white animated videos are so attractive and engaging that everybody enjoys them! But there’s one thing that makes them even better: animated characters!


And even though it’s a fact that nearly all whiteboard videos include characters, they’re rarely animated.

Today you'll learn why whiteboard animated videos and animated characters are not just a powerful match, but also a winning combo!


Going Digital

Traditionally, the answer to how to make a whiteboard video was very different than today. And they were, let’s say, literally handmade. At its beginning, an illustrator was actually drawing on a whiteboard while being filmed on camera. And the only special effect included back then was a time-lapse or sometimes a stop-motion animation.

But to this date, everything is digitally made from the drawings to the whiteboard. And not even a camera is needed, making the whiteboard video production stage a lot faster and cheaper, allowing to make changes a lot easier than before.

Yet the biggest advantage of digitalization are not just those, but the fact that we were able to introduce one of the feats that distinguish us the most in Yum Yum Videos: the use of 2D animated characters in whiteboard animation videos!

For us this is a common practice, but it’s very hard to find another explainer video production company that does it as well, because usually people tend to stick to what is traditional. But in Yum Yum’s case, we’re just not like that and we like to constantly innovate and challenge ourselves.

And it’s exactly in this innovation process that we’ve discovered that whiteboard animated videos and animated characters are a great combo.

See it for yourself in this whiteboard animation video we made for the online marketing company Stack That Money:

As you can see, we’re not talking just about introducing characters, but about making them come to life, meaning making them move and act like actual humans, because after all, our target audience will always be composed by humans and we want them to feel represented.

But you must be asking, what exactly does an animated character do for your whiteboard video?

And the answer is simple, animated characters make whiteboard animation videos better. When 2D characters are included, videos are way more dynamic, funnier and engaging.


Human Approach and Target Identification

When you put together cartoon characters and whiteboard animation you get the best of both worlds, because you have the educational power of whiteboard videos and the human approach of character animation.

But to truly make them a powerful combination, you have to customize the whole video. The characters should be designed while thinking of your target audience, so the idea is that the target audience and characters have things in common, like age, clothing, job and most importantly: they must share a problem.

Like this, your audience will know that you’re talking directly to them and that the video was custom made. This will at last be translated into brand love, because your audience will recall your brand and identify with it.

And a perfect example of what we’re talking about is this amazing whiteboard animated video we created for this click-fraud detecting service:


As you can see, these videos wouldn’t be the same without our awesome cartoon characters. Then, when making a whiteboard animation, never forget to include them so you can increase brand awareness by making your video more appealing and engaging.


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