Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-GIGTOWN-characters-THUMBOne of the main purchase decision factors is trust. If people can’t trust in a brand they won’t buy their products or services. Big companies spend millions in advertising to get there, but how can your startup grow that same trust (and not spend millions on it)? The secret lays in animated explainer videos!

These animated marketing videos are very compelling and they can increase sales by 20% on average; and the main reason for this is that they have the ability to grow trust within their audiences. Now the question is: how they do it?

Watch one of our best explainer video examples:


1. Do I Know You? (Characters Based on Your Target Audience)

Showing your audience that you truly know them and that you can understand their problems builds trust within them. A great way to achieve this is by designing the characters in the video to resemble your potential customers. All of this generates better engagement and empathy within the viewer, because they feel represented and identified by these characters. This obviously grows trust in them and eventually boosts your sales.

Here’s a fine example: check out how we represented a particular audience made of 25-to-35 young music fans in this animated video. Observe how the characters and backgrounds are specially designed to grow identification within this target market:



2. Leave your Ego Behind (Your Audience’s Problems are More Important than your Brand)

No one likes narcissistic people and the same thing happens with brands. If a marketing video focuses just on how amazing their product/service is, (overlooking the problems of your audience) people won’t watch it all the way through and definitely they won’t watch it a second time.

Your entire video should focus on your audience’s problems and only then you can explain how your brand could help them. By doing this, your audience understands that your brand cares about them and is not just selling stuff.

In this animated marketing video, watch how the brand isn’t mentioned until 0:24, placing the audience’s problems first:


3. A Voice of Trust (The Importance of a Professional Voice-Over)


During explainer video production it’s vital to hire a professional voice talent. Only they know how to properly transmit the right emotions in the video script. Without a professional voice-over, your video might sound dull or emotionless. And there’s nothing less engaging than a boring voice over.

The voice-over should also be a native one (coming from the same country of the target audience). Listening to a familiar tone and accent grows trust within your potential customers.

Watch the video we made for American Express Australia with a native voice over. If the audio had been made by an American voice talent instead, the Australian audience would’ve felt cheated and sensed that the video wasn’t exclusively made for them, therefore losing trust in the service:


4. I See Your True Colors (Applying the Colors of your Brand)

Using your brand colors throughout your animated marketing video creates a powerful visual identity. That way, the entire video will gain more sense, because colors won’t vary from cold (blues, greens) to warm (reds, yellows, oranges) without a coherent branding line.

The most important thing though, is that, by applying your colors, your brand will grow a strong presence on the video: this will unconsciously affect viewers and they’ll recall your brand easily.

Watch how you can grow powerful brand presence in an animated video with only three colors (in this case, white, blue and a bit of yellow):

Here’s a TV commercial for Tortilla Land. Look how we used the pallet colors from the packaging to create the entire dreamy landscape:



All of these marketing and branding goodies can be made with a single animated explainer video! It’s no coincidence that these videos are chosen by marketing experts as the branding content with the best ROI (return on investment).

Now, if you want to learn more about these animated marketing videos, visit our Explainer Video Academy and get our video marketing resources, such as educational eBooks, infographics and slides.

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