Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-LANDING-PAGE-VIDEO-thumbYou need to make your brand stand out, call the attention of potential customers and boost your sales. Well, if you think an animated explainer video can do all that, you’re right!

However, in order to achieve all of this you need to make the best explainer video possible: create an engaging story focused on your audience’s problems, animate characters designed to evoke empathy, apply the colors of your brand to enhance your presence and more.

Here's a cool animated video example:

Today you’ll learn how to make a killer explainer video for your business. So grab your favorite cup of coffee and your notebook to write down these valuable tips and advice.


1. The Story (your explainer video script)

A very common mistake is to underestimate or run a bad script stage during the explainer video production process. The script is the basis of your marketing video so it needs to be very well written. If you want to learn how to write a script like an expert, download this free eBook.

In general, the most important thing in marketing video scriptwriting is to focus essentially on your audience’s problems and not on your brand. People look for a solution to their problem. That solution is what your brand should work out and that’s exactly what your script must transmit.

Here’s another animated marketing video of ours. Check how the brand appears only half way through the video (at 0:44), after disclosing the problems of the target audience:

Then there is  humor, which is a great way to make your script really engaging to your audience. This relies on the ability of a professional scriptwriter.

For example, the Triggermail animated video begins with the transformation of an average marketer into a data ninja! This makes the video fun to watch from the start and also makes it very engaging:


2. Animated Characters

This is one of the reasons why we always stand for fully-custom animated marketing videos instead of pre-made videos (also called template videos). Animated characters should represent your audience in the video; this generates empathy in them and grows trust towards your brand, by showing that you really understand them and that your brand is here to help. All of this simply can’t be achieved with a template or pre-made animated video.

Here are some cute custom characters examples. See how they accurately represent the target audience of the service Gigtown (a new app to book local musicians):


In the first frame you see the main character, which stands for the young 20-to-35 target audience, potential users of the local bands booking app. On his side, you can observe the musicians of these bands, using the app to promote their music.



In this other video made for Heinz, we see the young chef of the restaurant that works out his cooking problems by using the famous dressing products.

Audience identification through the use of animated characters is directly reflected in your marketing objectives, leading you to more views and greater conversion rates.

Here’s the final version of both animated videos if you want to check them out:


3. The Colors of your Brand

Another reason why custom animated marketing videos are always better is the opportunity to select the colors in your video. By using the colors of your brand on backgrounds, characters’ clothing, and so on, you’ll grow your brand presence throughout the entire video, making people easily recall your brand after watching the video.

If you think of Santa Claus, you’ll soon start thinking of Coca-Cola. Why? Because Coca-Cola was the brand that painted Santa in red and white for their 1940’s ads (before that, Santa’s clothes were green). Since then, the brand colors of Coca-Cola started to be used in decorations and everything related to Christmas. The Coca-Cola/Santa Claus case is one of the most iconic branding examples in marketing history, but why not take  this great idea and add the colors of your brand to your video?

Here’s a cute TV commercial we did for Tortilla Land; see how we used the colors of the packaging to create the beautiful and colorful vegetable landscape:


Here’s another one of our animated videos, made for Munzit. Check how the warm colors (reds, oranges and yellows) stand out in the whole video, especially the orange and yellow of the brand’s logo:


4. Voice Overs Must be Recorded by a Native Professional

Last advice, but not least! For your animated marketing video to be really professional and make it stand out among your competition you should hire a professional voice talent that can transmit the necessary emotions during your animated video.


If the voice over isn’t professional the video may come up boring, dull and even unpleasant for your audience, and cause great damage to its overall performance. Besides, in order to grow trust in your brand, the voice talent should be native to  the country you’re targeting with the video. If the video is USA-targeted don’t hire an Australian voice (and vice versa). Moreover, someone from a country that does not speak English is not an option.

That’s why we always work with experienced native-professional voice actors. This important detail can eventually spoil your entire explainer video production.


These are our best explainer video tips and advice in order to make a killer animated marketing video! We hope they have been useful.

However, there are many more tips and you can get them all inside our Explainer Video Academy, an online spot filled with free knowledge: eBooks, infographics, and many more educational resources at hand to learn about the wonderful video marketing world.

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