TH_Animated_Explainer_Video_Production_step_by_stepDeveloping a good animated explainer video that gets the best ROI involves, at least, two key aspects: an excellent team of talented professionals that work carefully on the output and an extensive production process that needs to be accomplished following some basic guidelines.    

If you find a good vendor that can help you out on this and help you create the animated marketing video you´re looking for, you´re half way there. However, it´s always helpful to have enough information to understand the whole process itself, so let´s check out the 7 key “ingredients” every explainer video production process has. 


Animated video production process step by step (Free guide)


The script is the message you want to deliver to your audience, also called the “what”. It´s the basic written structure that will lay the foundation of the whole animated marketing video, and therefore it´s one of the most important parts of the video production process (of course, it has to be developed by a professional script writer). If you want to learn the basics on how to write a good animated marketing script, download this free eBook with all the tips you need.   



If the script is the “what”, then the storyboard is the “how”. We could say it´s a pre-visualization sketch of all the actions that will take place in the video (like some kind of graphic novel of your video). It is generally developed by a director with experience in film and arts and/or graphic design. The storyboard also includes camera movements, transitions, shots and other details. 


Animated video production for "DIGIFLARE"


The voice over is the voice of a professional off-screen narrator who tells the story to your audience (of course, this story is previously written on the script). It´s very important that you hire a native professional voice over artist in order to make your audience feel closer to the voice in the video. You can read this article to understand why a voice over is part of your video personality and can help you transmit credibility.  


You can choose some selected frames from the storyboard and draw them in high resolution quality, applying colors, backgrounds, characters and extra elements as if they were in the final version of the video. These still images will be really helpful for you to have a big picture of the true quality of the video before it´s done. 


Animated video production for "GIGTOWN"


This involves the graphic elements that will be included in your video and that will be animated afterwards, such as the design of the characters, backgrounds, typographies and more. As an example, check out these cool designs we´ve developed for one of our videos:


A team of talented animators, from motion graphic artists to 2D character animators, all work synergically to bring all the graphics elements to life. It´s very important to work carefully on the animation process to make the characters look natural, lively and as human as possible. Animation is generally one of the stages that takes more time to complete.  


This involves editing the music, mixing sound effects and making some audio adjustments in order to enhance the overall perception of the video and reinforce the power of the message. Also, the background music adds emotion to the story. Have in mind that sometimes, the music and the sound effects can be as important as the video itself. 


Animated video production for "GIGTOWN"

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