Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-OFFICE-cartoon-1-THUMBSo you want to make an awesome animated marketing video to help stand for your brand on the web? Well, the first thing you should know is that the explainer video production process involves several production steps. But don’t you worry; we’re going to explain each one of them so that you can easily understand the whole process. We will disclose our expert tips and share our own animated videos to help illustrate these tips!




Let’s now dive into the animated marketing video production process!


1. The Script

The script of a marketing video is basically the message you want to deliver to your target audience.

Every great marketing video has a great story. But what story? Well, the story on your video should be about your potential customers, about their problems and how your product or service can help  them out.

This will make your video really engaging and interesting for your audience. To learn more about marketing video scriptwriting, check out our free eBook: “How To Write An Explainer Video (Step by Step)


Expert Tip: Bear in mind that briefness and simplicity are the backbones of a good explainer video script, so make sure you adjust your words carefully.


2. The Storyboard

To put it simply, the storyboard is like a sketched comic strip of your marketing video. It presents the actions, the camera positions, the characters, the visual elements and basically everything that appears on the screen. This will be the model that illustration and animation stages will follow to create the video later on.

Expert Tip: Who needs a tip when we’ve written a whole article about the storyboard stage? Read our blog article “How To Make A Storyboard.

Here; check out a sample from one of our storyboards:



3. The Voice Over

The voice over is basically the recording of a voice actor reading the script. We always claim that it must be done by a professional, because the voice over sets the right mood, tone and emotions that your video needs to transmit.


Expert Tip: The voice over should always be recorded by a native professional of the same country of your target audience. Read about the importance of having a pro native voice over in our exclusive article.


4. Illustration

In this step, professional illustrators create the characters and all the visual elements that appear on the storyboard (and will later appear on the video), as well as backgrounds and landscapes.

Expert Tip: We always recommend crafting the animated characters to resemble  your target audience so that they can feel immediately identified with and grow trust in your video, and therefore your brand. Read our article on how to build a personal brand with an animated video.

Here are the character designs from the previous storyboard:



5. Animation

This is a decisive step: with the storyboard and illustrations at hand, professional animators put all of the the visual elements in motion. It’s now time for characters to move, run and smile! Of course, animated characters need to look alive in order to create the right audience identification we discussed in the previous step.

Expert Tip: When choosing an animated explainer video company to make your video, make sure they deliver excellent animation quality, because this is  a vital step in order to get a professional animated marketing video. Download our free eBook and learn how to choose a quality explainer video company that suit your goals.

Now watch how the illustrations above come alive in this cool animated video:




6. Music and Sound FX

The final touch is to add some great background music and, if necessary, some sound effects to make the whole experience more entertaining and fun!


Expert Tip: Make sure the music and sound FX don’t offset the voice over. The voice narrating the story is always more important in an animated marketing video.


Now you’ve learned how to make a great animated marketing video to stand for your brand! Be sure to follow our expert advice and we guarantee you’ll make a great one.

If you still want some more knowledge, visit our Academy or else get the best explainer video tips inside our blog. We hope all of this has been useful for your video marketing campaign and helps you make your video a success!

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