Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-COLORS-pen-THUMBYou have just selected the ultimate marketing tool out there to promote your brand. And yes, we’re talking about animated explainer videos. So now that you’re going to pay for it, you will want to know everything about it in detail, including the explainer video production process.

If this is the case then this article is for you. If you’re not a business person, but just somebody who wants to learn about these marekting videos, then this text is for you as well, because all we want to do is share some of our knowledge with anyone who wants it.

As a first example, here's how professional explainer video production looks like at the end of the process:

Keep on reading to learn, step-by-step, how to make an animated explainer video!


Step #1 – The Script

Without a script we don’t have a story to tell, and with this missing there’s no video to make. This is how important the script is for any audiovisual production, including -of course- marketing videos.

With this being clarified, it’s probably unnecessary to say (because you’ve figured out already) that the script is the basis of the whole explainer video production process, because it’s in script where you define and design the message you want your audience to receive.


Besides, the rest of the process will depend on what’s written in the script, including the voice-over that’s going to be heard throughout the video. In order to make it right when creating it, always have your target audience in mind. After all, the video is for them.

To learn more about animated marketing video scriptwriting, download our free educational eBook “How to Write the best Explainer Video Script.


Step # 2 – Storyboard

This is basically a comic strip about what the animated video is going to be like. This is the moment where you decide all the actions in the video, and the time to determine, visually, how the message is going to be shown.

We can say that if the script is the What, then the storyboard should be the How, because here you decide everything from character positions to camera settings as well as every single action that’s going to appear in the video.

Here’s a fine example of what an animated video storyboard looks like:


And here’s the finished video so you can see how the storyboard synthesizes the entire video:


Step #3 – Voice Over

Once you know, in words (script) and actions (storyboard) what the animated marketing video is going to look like, it’s time to record the voice over.

It’s very important that the voice actor does the narration and speaking in the right beat and uses the mood and the personality that the video requires.

Having this part done, we can then move onto the next and much more visual step. But before that, please read our article explaining why a professional voice over is vital during explainer video production.


Step #4 – Illustration

It’s time for the designers to show what they’re made of! After all, this part of the process depends merely on them.

This is the moment when the characters are created and drawn, as well as the backgrounds and every single visual element of the animated video.

So you and the graphic designers can get as creative in here as you want, but always remember to customize everything to fit the right target audience. This will make your animated video much more appealing and effective.

Customized characters are awesome additions to your video:


Watch how these characters come alive in the animated marketing video:


Step 5 – Animation, Music and FX

Ok so at this moment, you have lots of things done, but they’re all separated. This could only mean that it’s time to actually create the animated marketing video.

The message you wrote in the script, the actions you decided in the storyboard, the voice over you had a professional to record for you and the illustrations that your graphic designers made, all of this is set together in this stage.

So it’s here where the animated video actually comes to life. Once it’s done, the details that make the video better have to be added, like music and sound effects. After all of this is placed together, your video is more than ready and you can start to share it proudly with the world!

Here’s an example of what a great explainer marketing video, neatly done, should look like (this one was precisely selected by Hubspot as one the 20 best explainer videos on the web):


At last, in case you missed something, take a look at this complete slide about the marketing video production process:


And as we’re sure we haven’t satiated your thirst for knowledge, go to our Explainer Video Academy to get wider video marketing advice, in the shape of eBooks, infographics and slides! Or else keep browsing our blog to get the best explainer video production tips every day.

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