Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-MAKE-video-colors-THUMBHave you ever wondered how an animated explainer video is made? How many professionals do you need? Or how much time does it take to make one?  Well, wonder no more! Today you’ll learn the whole explainer video production process step by step, plus every tiny little secret!

Watch this cute animated video example first:



The typical explainer video production process can be divided into 7 stages, which we’re going to disclose now.

Before we start, bear in mind that we’re giving out educational content on each stage that you can easily download from our Explainer Video Academy. This content is vital in order to achieve good video production and can be quite helpful if you’re planning to make one (with or without an explainer video company).

1. Script

Writing a marketing video script is literally creating the message you want to deliver to your audience. It needs to be a simple, short and clear story so that it keeps the audience's full attention.  Learn all about marketing video scriptwriting inside our handy free eBook: “How to Write an Explainer Video Script”.

2. Storyboard

If the script tells the message then the storyboard describes the actions (what literally happens in the video) and the entire visual aspects of the video, it’s like a graphic novel of your video. The storyboard will also indicate camera movements, shots, transitions, and so on. It’s the essential stage to know what the video will look like once it’s done:

This is a fine storyboard sample from one of our animated videos:


And this is how the resulting video looks like (which also was nominated as Nº1 explainer video of 2015 by Hubspot):




3. Voice-Over

An animated marketing video usually needs a voice to narrate the script over the video. It’s very important to hire a professional voice-actor that’s also a native speaker (of the country of the target audience) in order to get a professional video.

The voice-over will guide the story on your video, so if it isn’t recorded by a true professional (or also if the voice talent has a weird accent), people won’t feel comfortable or emotionally close to that voice, and that mistake could ruin your entire video. Learn the true value of a pro voice-over inside this article.

4. Style Frames

These are high-resolution frames (based on the storyboard) that represent part of the video. It’s like having your video finished and taking pictures from it. These still images help to visualize the true quality of the final video way before it’s done.

See a clear example below:


And here, watch the final animated video:



5. Designs

Once all of the previous stages are checked, professional illustrators digitally draw all the graphic elements that will be used in the video. These include characters, typographies and backgrounds, all depending on the video style. Check the rocking character designs from one of our videos:


6. Animation

Using all the graphic elements, storyboard frames and voice-over recordings, professional animators manage to set the entire video in motion: now each character and graphic element comes in motion. Now watch how those colorful rock characters come alive:



Due to its complexity, this is usually one of the stages that take more time to be completed. To learn about video production timing read this informative piece.

7. Sound FX

The music editing and sound FX mixing, along with the final audio adjustments, makes up the final stage of a pro video production process. Sometimes sounds and music are as important as the video itself. Listen to how the jingle plays a central role in our animated TV commercial, making it way more engaging:




And violà! Once it’s all done, you can export your video in every file format you need and then embed it everywhere!

You’ll never wonder how animated marketing videos are made any more; now you need to go and make one! Feel free to request an explainer video for your brand; just ask for a free quote and let's start talking about your project.

If you want more advice before getting into it, visit our Explainer Video Academy and download our free eBooks, infographics and educational videos that will lead you to greater video marketing knowledge.

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