Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-BRANDING-thumbHere's the truth: if people just watch your marketing video and forget about your brand immediately it means that the video is not as effective as you thought. In order to achieve your marketing goals you need your potential customers to recall your video and especially your brand afterwards.


But how do you effectively engage your audience to make them aware of your brand with a single video? By learning how to customize it!

Today you’ll learn how to wisely customize your animated marketing video and grow brand awareness within your audience, taking your brand higher than you can imagine.

Let’s go!


1. Custom Characters

An excellent way of growing brand awareness within your potential customers is by customizing the animated characters on your animated marketing video so that they resemble your target audience. Hollywood films have been applying this same strategy for decades, so why not use it in a marketing video?

If you create the animated characters with the same looks, age, clothing and job of your audience, they’ll immediately learn that you care for them and their problems. This grows immediate identification and powerful emotions between them and the characters linked to your brand! Audience identification is the greatest way to make them recall your brand even months after watching the video.

Look how we crafted these animated characters to look like the target audience (20-to-35 music fans):


And now watch how they come alive in this cool explainer video:


2. Brand Colors

But character customization isn’t the only way to grow brand awareness within your target audience. You can also customize the colors of the backgrounds, landscapes, character’s clothing, and any other visual element in your animated video, making your brand present through the entire video, and not just in the logo that usually appears at the end.

Coloring your video with your brand color pallet is a powerful statement: it indicates that your brand (and no other) is behind that engaging story and those cute characters.

Check out these examples and look how we colored the characters and backgrounds with the brand’s logo:



And now watch how every one of those branding elements comes into motion:


Follow our advice; grow brand awareness within your audience with a beautiful animated marketing video and make your brand unforgettable!

Bear in mind that you can only achieve all of this with a custom animated explainer video, so template animations are a no-go! Make sure you know  the  difference when hiring an explainer video company to make yours: they should offer a customized service apart from quality video animation. To help you know the difference between a good and a bad video production company, please download our free eBook.


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