Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-Script-help-THUMBOk, that headline sounds a bit rough. But the truth is that, as an explainer video production company, we read several explainer video scripts every week and too many of them make the same mistakes over and over again. So we decided to do something about it!


Today you’ll go through the most typical mistakes in marketing video scriptwriting and learn when and why you should start your script all over again.


1. When It’s Too Long

A marketing video script should be brief and entertaining, so that you can convey your business idea in a fun and simple way and catch your audience’s attention immediately.

However, if you’ve written a long script, your video’s performance can be compromised: while 30-second marketing videos are watched completely by 85% of the audience, 2-minute videos are watched by just 50%. And it gets worse: videos longer than  2 minutes drop complete-view rates drastically, mining your online presence and your search engine ranking.

Great animated marketing videos don’t need to be long. Watch how awesome this 30-second animated video is:

Ok, but how do you know how long your video is going to be during the scriptwriting stage?

Well, there’s a flawless formula: 160 written words on a script equals 1 minute in video format. Of course, it will all depend on the beat of the voice over of your choice. For us, 90-second videos (that’s a 240-worded script) are perfect: they give you enough time to explain your business without boring anyone.


2. When It’s Too Salesy

A marketing video script should disclose how your product or service helps your potential customers solve a problem. Therefore, if you focus your writing on your brand’s features alone, no one would buy anything from you, I mean literally.

People look for solutions and your marketing video can easily show them one. In contrast, brand-focused marketing video scripts are salesy and people lose interest in them right away.

See how the brand appears only half way through this animated marketing video, after discussing the audience’s problems:

Now how do you keep your audience engaged with your script? Well, that leads us to our  next point.


3. When It’s Poorly Structured

A common marketing video scriptwriting mistake is not following a solid script structure. Some have attempted to write a radical script but it came out strange and even confusing to the average audience.

The best way to write an engaging marketing video script is by sticking to the classic Hollywood script structure: beginning, middle and end. From The Godfather to the latest Avengers flick, it’s proven that the 3-act structure is the most effective and entertaining.

That classic film structure can be translated into an effective explainer video script structure: beginning with the “what” of your video (what’s the problem your company solves), then the “how” (how does your company solve that problem) and ending with the “why” (why should your audience choose your solution among others?).

Check out how this 3-act structure works in this cool animated marketing video:

Sticking to a solid structure makes your video engaging and entertaining, a powerful combo to reach your marketing objectives with it.


4. When It’s Boring

There are many ways to reach your audience; you can be more formal or give it a humoristic approach, but either way you must not be boring! No one will care to watch a boring video all the way to the ending!

So that’s when a professional scriptwriter’s expertise and ability come in handy. Please read this piece to learn more about the importance of hiring a pro scriptwriter.

Don’t be afraid to add characters, write a few funny situations for them, add a movie parody skit or use funny metaphors, like we did in this fun animated video over here:

Humor will always make your video way more engaging, and help you grow your conversion rates and generate greater social media buzz.

However, you can also provide a formal approach without making it boring. Watch this dynamic and entertaining motion graphic video to learn what we’re talking about:


Now don’t be lazy. If you’ve made some of these mistakes with your explainer video script, throw it away and start from scratch!

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