Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-WHITEBOARD-beach-THUMBAs you may already know, a whiteboard animated video is one of the best explainer video styles. It consists of delivering your business idea with the help of a whiteboard, where illustrations are being drawn, following the storyline, right in front of the audience’s eyes, creating excitement.

Here's one of our best whiteboard explainer videos, as a first example:


Whiteboard animation videos are one of the most popular types of marketing videos, and they’re highly recommended when you need to explain complex concepts or when your information has an educational approach.

Today we’ll talk about how to make best whiteboard animated video, that’s why you have to keep on reading so you can learn some tips that won’t only make your video better, but also make your brand stand out among the competition!


Write the perfect whiteboard video script

Every audiovisual production begins with one very important thing: the script. This is the message we want to transmit and, without it, we can’t even start making the video.

To make the perfect whiteboard script, we highly recommend writing no more than 240 words, which will create about 90 seconds in video format. This way, your viewers won’t have time to lose interest and they’ll watch the video from beginning to end.

Bear in mind that the story has to always be focused on your audience and their problems, not on your product’s features, so always put your target audience first and make the script focused around them.

Writing a whiteboard explainer video script requires some knowledge only professional scriptwriters have because this is not like eating a piece of cake. Nevertheless, you can learn how the experts do it by reading our free eBook “How to write the best explainer video script”.



Keep it traditional

Whiteboard animation videos, from the moment of their conception, have being black and white and if we want them to maintain their essence we must keep them this way. However there are times when we can make some tiny changes and alter this tradition just a bit.

Plus, in Yum Yum Videos case, we always like to innovate and find new ways to make our animated marketing videos more effective, that’s why we like to add some small hints of color to our whiteboard animated videos.

But be careful, it’s not about making it colorful, but about adding your brand colors in key spots of your video, to make your brand be present throughout the video.

Watch here how we managed to successfully use the brand colors of one of our clients in strictly specific places:


Use animated characters

Most whiteboard animations have characters, but not every explainer video company animates them even though we do!

Animated characters make the video much more entertaining and dynamic. And, beyond this, by using them, it’s possible to reinforce the audience’s connection towards your video.

But this isn’t achievable by just adding some movement to the characters. They have to be truly well animated and look alive. Also, they should represent your audience, so make them have the same age, job and -most importantly- the same problems as your target audience.

See this example of one of our best whiteboards and notice how vivid the characters are:


Always add the drawing hand

A whiteboard animated video is not a proper one if it doesn’t have a drawing hand. This is how important it is and why it should never be left aside.

If you don’t add the drawing hand, the whole concept of what a whiteboard animation video is will be gone and the video won’t have the educational approach you need and neither the effectiveness you require to win over potential customers.



Keep the illustration’s continuity

In whiteboard animation videos, every drawing has to be interconnected, creating one whole storyline. And this is precisely the most engaging thing about this technique.

If your whiteboard animated video has too many cuts and swaps or draw-and-erase sections,-making the story start from the scratch several times- the video just won’t be appealing and it will lose all of its charm.

Watch in this example how we connected drawings to, at the end, form the brand logo with all of the illustrations.


Use emotional references

One thing whiteboard videos have in their favor is the fact that they can be nostalgic. And we can strengthen this feeling by adding elements that bring back all good memories, like for example reminiscent of retro video games and old classic films, to make the story more engaging and get the audience to remember the video longer after watching it.

See a good example of how to use emotional references in this whiteboard marketing video of ours:

With all this being said, now you should know most of the things you need to learn how to make a whiteboard video, nevertheless always command this job to the experts.

Hiring a professional explainer video company could be more expensive than working with amateurs, but the ROI (return on the investment) will be much higher in this case, you’ll see better marketing results and ultimately your sales will increase and absorb the cost of producing the video in the first place.


So good luck in with your whiteboard video project and in case you want to know more, go to our Explainer Video Academy, where you’ll find further advice in the form of free educational eBooks, infographics and slides! Or else keep browsing our blog to get the best explainer video production tips.

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