Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-APPIER-1-THUMBYou might be asking yourself…how can I approach my potential customers and help them understand how my product solves their problems? How can I engage them and make them feel confident towards my selling proposition?

By developing an animated explainer video, you can not only tell them but also show them what you do and why you´re better than your competition, all this in an engaging and compelling way. In this blog post we´re going to give you some golden tips to develop the most persuasive explainer video ever!


Animated video production for "APPIER" by Yum Yum Videos.


One of the main pillars of every good animated marketing video is…a good story. Go straight to the point and focus on what you have to say. Keep it simple! Take the time to understand what you should include in your video and what you shouldn´t. Keep in mind that, later, once your potential customers are interested in your product, you´ll have the chance to go into further details. And what is worse: never make it too technical or dry. Just focus on telling your audience what you do, how you can solve their problem and why your solution is better than your competitors´.

Tip: there are many do´s and don’ts when writing a script. If you want to understand the basics of the scriptwriting process, learn what your script should be about, what structure it should have, and more, download this free eBook with useful information.


Animated video production for "ONE STOP FOR WRITERS" by Yum Yum Videos.


If you want your startup video to be attractive and engaging, then you must keep it short. Otherwise, you´ll end up boring your audience and, instead of increasing conversions, you´ll lose potential customers. If you hire a professional video production team, they will certainly guide you on what the best length is for your video. Just for you to have a general idea, the ideal length of any good startup video is 90 seconds long. That´s enough time to synthesize all the information you need to pass on. Watch how we´ve made it the right length in this cool video:



If you want to persuade your audience and encourage them to take the next step in your sales funnel, you really need to customize every aspect of your video as much as possible. One of the best techniques to make your video, is by crafting the characters and backgrounds and having your target audience in mind. This way you’ll generate strong identification towards the story you´re telling: your potential customers will feel that the story was especially made for them, that you really understand their problems and that you know how to solve them. Watch this great example in which we´ve customized every element of the video:



If you add some creative and humoristic details, you can generate strong engagement and make it even more memorable. The great thing about startup videos is that they give you the chance to explain the most complex concepts in a very simple and straightforward way, so take advantage of this! Add different scenarios, crazy metaphors, amazing backgrounds and funny characters and your video will not go unnoticed for sure! Everything´s possible in the animation world, so be creative. 



Tip: don´t try to make an animated marketing video on your own using basic software or hiring a cheap explainer video production company. Always aim at hiring a professional team who can assure you the best results. If you need help on choosing the right explainer video company for your business, check out this eBook.

So now…are you ready to make the most persuasive animated marketing video ever? Get some other useful tips by visiting our Explainer Video Academy and checking out all the information we´ve compiled in our blog!


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