Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-YOUTUBE-multiple-thumbYouTube has become the 2nd largest search engine in the world and your online business can’t afford not to be there. Today we’ll show you how to rank first in a YouTube search with a real case study!

One of our own animated marketing videos reached the #1 spot on YouTube under the most relevant keyword for our business: “Explainer Video”. Here’s that video:

Take note on the 6 basic steps you should take up on your video SEO strategy:


1. The Use of Keywords

Knowing the words under which your potential customers search for your product or service is fundamental, without them you won’t be able to even run a video SEO strategy. Choose the right keywords and use them in your video’s headline, description and tags. You can tag your video with all the keywords that define your business. In the title, however, we recommend just going for one.

In order to learn how people search for your business and which are the most used words in your niche, we recommend using the keyword planner tool on Google AdWords. This free tool only requires a simple registration.

In our case study, see how the keyword “Explainer Video” is applied in the title:



2. Longtail Keywords Strategy

Now, if that particular keyword is too competitive on YouTube because many videos are fighting for that keyword, you can always use a longtail keyword, which means to fit that word into a longer and more specific sentence, so that if people search for that longtail keyword, they’ll find your video way easily.

In our video, our keyword is “explainer video” and our longtail keyword is “best explainer video style”:



3. External Embedding

It’s quite difficult to make YouTube rank your video on the first pages at first. When we uploaded our video, it wouldn’t show up even in the first 100 pages of a relevant search.

So in order for people to find your video on YouTube, they certainly have to watch it in somewhere else first. Therefore, you should wisely embed your YouTube-hosted video anywhere you can: on social media channels and comments, on blogs, guest blogs, newsletters, websites, etc. This will grow views on your video; eventually, YouTube will notice that boost and start to suggest your video organically.


On this graph, you can see (in red) how on the first 3 months around 95% of our viewers came from external sources (outside YouTube itself). Now, that number is just at 35% and the rest (green and blue) comes from YouTube’s suggested videos and YouTube’s searches, getting 300% more views per day if we compare it with day 1. You can also see how it keeps growing by a monthly 20% on average.


4. The Use of Descriptions

When writing your video description you should be brief and clear, but notice that it’s also a good spot to place some keywords, so take advantage from it! Try to be accurate with what people is going to watch in the video, if you cheat to get more attention it’s quite possible that you grow viewership at the beginning, but you’ll definitely get huge views drops-off eventually and they will negatively affect your rank position for good.

Here’s a little secret on descriptions: you can place a direct link to your website in it! This action is not going to boost your SERP (search engine rank position) but it’s a great opportunity for new potential customers to visit your site. If you go for it, always place the link in the first two sentences of your description or else nobody will see it.

In our case, we just wrote:


Check how the description on our video is accurate, clear and brief and also includes our main keywords and our website link.

Another useful action is to put an entire transcription of your video script at the bottom of your description; it will add some more great keywords!


5. Invest On Advertising

Investing some of your budget in YouTube Ads is always a great help. At least do so to help your video out at first and make it gain some extra views. In our case, we just paid for the first 1,000 views and then we stopped to watch it organically rise in the YouTube searches. It has now reached over 15,000 views (and they keep growing by 20% every month).


6. Make The Best Explainer Video Ever!

Overall, all of this advice is useless if you don’t have a great video to showcase. That’s the real deal: if your video is bad, lame or boring, no one is going to watch it all the way through and you’ll receive a huge viewership drop-off. This makes YouTube consider your video as an uninteresting one and places it lower on a search engine, where nobody will ever find it.

And that’s because video engagement is one of the factors that YouTube takes into account when ranking its videos first. The solution? Try to make the best explainer video possible to make it really stand out among the rest. You will see that your marketing results will get way better and it’ll be so much easier to rank #1 on YouTube.



We hope this video SEO advice really helps your animated marketing video rank high on YouTube! It’s a long way to go but the marketing benefits will be awesome!

For further advice on SEO campaigns and tips on how to measure your video marketing impact, download our free eBook: “You Have Your Video Done… Now What? or else visit our Explainer Video Academy and get all of our educational marketing eBooks, infographics and slides.

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