People are constantly using their smartphones and mobile devices to look for information, stay connected with their peers, and also to get informed and be entertained, among many other uses.

Video on mobile, specifically, is growing at the speed of light but, in order to provide your target audience with an amazing user-experience, you have to adapt to the “mobile logic”. How can you make your marketing video mobile friendly? Find some useful information in the lines below!


The Context: Quick Snapshot

We can say, and I bet you've read it out there, that the use of mobile devices is rising at an incredibly fast pace, and that video content specifically will play a key role in this development. This is not a set phrase. Stats support it. Check out the proof below!…

As you can see, it's vital that you understand how you can provide high quality, engaging video content to your mobile users and optimize their experience when connecting with your brand on their devices.  

5 Killer Tips to Make Your Video Mobile Friendly

These tips might help you get the most out of your interactions with your prospects.

#1: Optimized video player

This point is crucial: you have to make sure your video looks great no matter what device the viewer is using to watch it on. When we say that the video player should be optimized for mobile, then it should fit perfectly with the size of the screen that is being used. Of course, the most popular video hosting platforms offer this special feature: auto-adjusted for phone viewing. But despite this, take a few minutes to check out how your video looks on different screens.


#2: Loading speed

Your marketing video should load in about 5 seconds. If PC users are anxious when accessing content, mobile users are even more so. So, in this sense, when producing your marketing video check the quality settings on your video player, and also try to reduce the size of the images, animations and voice-over as much as possible  in the video. Of course, the idea is that the video production company that is working with you will help you with that.

#3: Briefness

Make sure your marketing video is straightforward and brief. Mobile users don't have time to waste: they're looking for quick, concise, valuable and catchy content, so make sure your video meets their needs. At Yum Yum we always recommend that an explainer video should last about 90 seconds, but if we talk about mobile videos, then a 30 to 60-second video is the best choice.

Take a look at this example:

#4: Thumbnail

Thumbnails play a key part when it comes to grabbing your viewer's attention. Choose the thumbnail of your mobile video wisely: it should represent, at some point, the content of the video itself (give the viewer a general idea of what they will find when clicking the Play button), but it also has to be attractive and compelling, regardless of the device that is being used to watch that content. Our suggestion is that you take some time to test your thumbnail out on different devices and make sure it's alluring enough. These tips might help you understand how to get the most out of your video marketing thumbnails.

#5: Call To Action (CTA)

Including a compelling and visible Call To Action (CTA) at the end of your mobile marketing video will lead users in the direction you want, no matter if that’s subscribing to your blog, downloading an app, buying your product, or anything else. This is highly important so that they don't get lost or feel confused about what to do next. Ultimately, the video itself has a purpose and if you don't encourage viewers to take that next step, everything will be in vain.

Check out how we've used the CTA in this video:

Hence, focus on providing your mobile users with an amazing experience! Last but not least, don't miss these 15 video marketing stats for your 2017 marketing plan ;)


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