Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-MAGNIFYING-GLASS-detective-THUMBAn explainer video represents your brand across the web, on your landing page, social media sites, etc., so it's a chance to make a great first impression to potential customers. Therefore it’s imperative to produce a quality product and that’s why you need to choose a great video production company to make it so.

But how can you tell a good explainer video production company from a bad one? In other words; how do you actually measure a production company’s quality?


When seeking a video production company, you need to ask for their portfolio and evaluate their previous marketing videos in order to determine if they would do a good job with yours.

First, ask yourself the following questions:

● Can you easily understand what the product/service in the videos is about?

● Do the videos tell fun and entertaining stories?

● Are the visuals pretty outstanding?

● Is the audio understandable?

● Do they use native professional voice-overs in each video?

● How does the music make you feel?


Then, focus on these tips to evaluate the video production quality:

1. Story: A marketing video must convey a clear message, so take a minute to watch a few videos from the company you are evaluating, and, if you understand the message, it means the story was properly transmitted.  Also, the story should be engaging enough for the viewers to watch it until the end. So, if you get bored while watching a marketing video, then it’s probably because the story is not very appealing.

2. Design: Since an explainer video must create a bond between the brand and their potential customers, it’s important that the visual designs are focused on the brand’s target audience. How do you check this? By verifying if the characters look like the video’s target audience (do they have the same age, style, looks?). If the video targets 50-year business professionals and the main character is a 20-year-old skater boy, something isn’t right.

Likewise, the background is also an important element that will help to build up the environment and to develop the plot. If the video targets people in New York City, the background will need some tall buildings instead of a country house. All of these elements will bring a more realistic identity to the characters which the viewers will relate to.

3. Character Animation: It’s a critical part of the storytelling, because it builds the personality of the characters and lets them transmit emotions that the viewer will relate to. The way a character walks, their expressions, their pauses, all of these elements transmit emotions to the audience and help to better develop the story of the video.

If the characters are not well animated, the audience won’t be able to relate with the story and the video will lose effectiveness. Then how can you tell if they’re well animated? Quite simple: they should be alive! If the characters look like real lively people and are able to transmit true emotions, then the character animation is all right.

4. Voice-Over: It must always be done by a professional native speaker, who has the proper command of tone and genre, and reflects the local language. For example, different English speaking countries use different pronunciation; the pronunciation of British English is different from the pronunciation of American English.

5. Small Details: The small details really do make a difference when making a decision regarding which production company to hire. For example, loud sounds or video leaps are bad indicators. So, be careful!


Are you ready to evaluate some video companies to have your videos made?

We hope these pieces of advice help you to determine the differences and then make the right decision.

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